2022 Remington Park Hair Testing
OQHRA released the 2022 hair test schedule for Remington Park today.

2022 Remington Park Hair Testing

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—JANUARY 21, 2022— OQHRA released its 2022 Remington Park Hair Testing schedule today. To schedule a horse for hair testing call (405) 881-4120. Location is the Remington Park Stakes Barn (SW corner of barn area). Cost is $240.

Click below to download testing document, calendar and dates:

Horsemen need to know:

  • Appointments are required!
  • Appointments must be made by noon the day prior.
  • Testing will be conducted Monday – Friday in Feb and then during the meet on Wednesday – Saturday. 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon. See calendar for exact dates
  • What you need to make an appointment:
    • Horses complete and correct name.
    • Trainer name AND phone number. (This number used to notify of test results)
    • Time and Date for appointment.
    • If paying with credit card over the phone, that needs to be provided at time of appointment.
    Do not wait until the horse has arrived!
    • What you need upon arrival for testing:
      • There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not have this you WILL be turned away.
      • Copy of registration papers. Front and Back.
      • Payment. Checks made out to OQHRA Hair Testing. Credit Card or Cash. If you are using a credit card over the phone, you need to provide information at the time you schedule. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE HORSE HAS ARRIVED.
      • Someone to hold the horse.
  • Tests are good for 45 days from the day after they are pulled.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for test results. No horse will be allowed to enter a race before results come back.
  • OQHRA and Remington Park Racing Office have no knowledge of test results. In case of a positive test, Remington Park Management will contact the trainer.
  • Special consideration will be made for horses needing to be tested in other jurisdictions. Contact the hair testing phone number for more info. Off-site testing will have to be approved on a case-by-case basis and must be conducted by a veterinarian under the auspices of a state regulatory body (racing commission) or Department of Agriculture.

The calendar and date chart attached are to help you keep track of good thru and safe dates. They are not a guarantee. It is trainer/owner responsibility to determine the best time to have a horse tested and to make the necessary arrangements.

OQHRA makes every effort to contact the connections of horses nominated to any futurity or derby out of courtesy. It is your responsibility to know what races your horses will be running in and schedule an appointment accordingly. There will be no “Rush” samples, outside of stakes qualifiers.

For more information on hair testing at Remington Park (405) 881-5120 or Email Krissy Bamberg.