1989, Stallion
First Down Dash x Harems Choice, by Beduino

2023 FEE: $2,500
Frozen Semen Only

Early booking, multiple mares and
stakes mares discounts.

Property of: Sandra Soto

Royal Quick Dash
Standing At:
RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch

1440 Mile 8, Mercedes, TX 78570


Jesus Talavera, Breeding Manager 702-334-0027
Mailing Address:
2112 W University DR 1320
Edinburg, TX 78539

Royal Quick Dash's Top Performers
AB WHAT A RUNNER SI 109, m. Be So Merry by Streakin Six (11 wins to 5, 2005, $1,342,389 AQHA Racing Champion Two-year-old, AQHA Racing Champion Two-year-old Filly, AQHA Racing Champion Three-year-old Filly, High Money Earning Horse, AQHA Supreme Race Horse, 1st-Los Alamitos Derby-G1, 1st-Charger Bar H.-G1, 1st-Mildred N Vessels Memorial H.-G1, 1st-All American Futurity-G1, etc.)
QUICK MOON SIGN SI 103, m. Azure Moon Sign by Moon Lark (7 wins to 3, $419,781 1st-Remington Park Futurity-G1, 1st-Blue Ribbon Futurity-G1, 1st-Blue Ribbon Derby-G3, 2nd-Ruidoso Futurity-G1, etc.)
SIXES ROYAL SI 101, h. Tempered Glass by Streakin Six (5 wins to 3, $384,977 1st-Texas Classic Derby-G1, etc.)
SF ROYAL BANK SI 100, h. Shake the Bank by Bully Bullion (5 wins to 4, $359,937 1st-O B Cockerell H.-G3, 2nd-All American Futurity-G1, etc.)
IM ROYAL QUICK SI 108, g. Im Brendas Baby by Merridoc (12 wins to 8, $277,027 1st-Herman Jefferson S.-G3, 1st-King Rick Rack S., 1st-Fine Loom H., 1st-Tricky Dust S., etc.)
JACK ZEE QUICK SI 105, g. Zee Ann by Zevi (8 wins to 7, $270,677 1st-Sam Houston Futurity-G1, 1st-Firecracker Derby-G2, 1st-Barnmaster Sprint S. [R] -G3, 1st-Delta Dash S., etc.)
ROYALANON SI 111, g. Folsanon by Fol's Native (12 wins to 8, $265,651 1st-Central Championship Challenge-G2, 1st-West/Southwest Derby Challenge-G3, 1st-Top Deck H., 2nd-AQHA Derby Challenge Championship-G1, etc.)
ROYAL SHAKE EM SI 104, h. Shake Em Six by Streakin Six (9 wins to 3, $257,009 1st-Sam Houston Futurity-G1, 1st-Longhorn Futurity-G3, 2nd-All American Derby-G1, 2nd-Manor Downs Futurity-G1, etc.)
BABE WATCHER SI 106, g. Oh How You Shine by Coup de Kas (10 wins to 10, $250,904 1st-Sunland Park Fall Futurity-G2, 1st-Town Policy H.-G3, 1st-El Moro de Cumpas S., 2nd-PCQHRA Breeders Futurity-G1, etc.)
ROYALS MY BOY SI 113, g. Strapless by Easy Jet (19 wins to 7, 2005, $246,462 1st-Mile High Derby-G2, 1st-Special Hank H.-G3, 1st-Fine Loom H.-G3, 1st-Master Salls H.-G3, etc.)
CHICKS FOR SURE SI 103, m. Medley High Note by On a High (8 wins to 6, $239,029 1st-Zia Derby-G3, 2nd-Lou Wooten H.-G1, 2nd-Jess Burner Memorial Allowance S.-G2, 2nd-Lou Wooten Quarter Horse H.-G3, etc.)
STRIKE IT QUICK SI 117, g. Dreamit by Proudest Effort (10 wins to 5, $237,861 1st-James Isaac Hobbs S.-G2, 1st-KOFX-FM H.-G3, 2nd-Manuel Lujan H.-G3, 2nd-Higheasterjet H.-G3, etc.)
ROYAL MISS SMITH SI 112, m. Vital Spirit by R. Smith (12 wins to 5, $211,476 1st-Oklahoma Derby-G2, 1st-Blushing by H., 1st-Black Gold 330 Futurity [R] , 2nd-Mildred N Vessels Memorial H.-G1, etc.)
ROYAL N ROWDY SI 108, g. Caralot by Reb's Policy (5 wins to 7, 2005, $204,570 1st-Sunland Park Fall Derby-G3, 2nd-Go Man Go H.-G1, 2nd-New Mexico Derby Challenge-G3, 2nd-West/Southwest Derby Challenge, etc.)
A SILVER GOBLIN SI 105, g. Heavenly Note by Special Effort (9 wins to 6, $194,696 1st-Valley Junction Futurity-G2, 1st-Kansas Derby-G3, 2nd-Oklahoma Championship Challenge-G1, 2nd-Central Derby Challenge-G3, etc.)
RULON GARDNER SI 103, g. Raise Your Stakes by Raise Your Glass (8 wins to 7, $185,542 1st-West/Southwest Derby Challenge-G3, 1st-Remington Distance H.-G3, 1st-Oklahoma Distance Challenge, 1st-Sundowner Trailer S., etc.)
ROYAL BABY SISTER SI 99, m. Sixth Glass by Streakin Six (8 wins to 4, $172,468 1st-Cajun Kindergarten Futurity-G3, 1st-New Mexico Derby Challenge-G3, 2nd-AQHA Juvenile Challenge Championship-G1, 2nd-Oklahoma Derby Challenge-G3, etc.)
CASA DE ROYALITY SI 108, g. Fly Smashed by Easily Smashed (29 wins to 10, $167,773 Central Hi-Point Aged Gelding, Central Hi-Point Aged Gelding, Central Hi-Point Aged Gelding, Central Hi-Point Aged Gelding, 1st-Windy City Dash S.-G3, 1st-Father's Day Gold Cup S., 1st-Don Boyd Memorial H., 1st-Fathers Day Gold Cup, etc.)
DEBS RQD SI 114, h. Debs Cartel by Corona Cartel (6 wins to 3, $154,978 1st-Hialeah Laddie Futurity, 1st-Indiana Live QHRAI Derby, etc.)
ROYAL BLUE CHEW CHEW SI 101, h. Chew Chew Cha Boogie by Manion (10 wins to 7, $153,838 Oklahoma Hi-Point Aged Stallion, 1st-Eastex H.-G3, 1st-Woodlands Championship H., 1st-Pony Express S., 2nd-Eastex H.-G3, etc.)
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Royal Quick Dash's Race Record
Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earned
Totals 18 7(1)52$1,046,980
AQHA Racing Champion Two-year-old Colt, High Money Earning Horse, 1st-All American Futurity(G1), Finalist in Kansas Futurity(G1), Finalist in Sun Country Futurity(G1)
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Royal Quick Dash's Pedigree
Royal Quick DashFirst Down DashDash for CashRocket Wrangler
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First Prize Rose#Gallant Jet
Rose Bug
Harems ChoiceBeduinoRomany Royal
Flicka Your BicTiny Charger
Hy Flicka

Royal Quick Dash
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Royal Quick Dash

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