>Bitterroot Futurity
$104,376, Sandy Downs, June 24, 2 yo, 350 yards
1. Wagonfullofdividends, b . c. 2, by Pyc Paint Your Wagon--Ms Athenas Dividend, by Brimmerton, Bred by: Randy & Sandy Coleman (TX ) Owner-Rtm Stables LLC and Dunn, Shauna. Trainer-M. Hanson. Jockey-J. Canales
2. Skinny Kyni, sor . f. 2, by Winners Version--Miss Mischievous, by Streakin La Jolla, Bred by: A & C Racing and Roping (UT ) Owner-A and C Racing and Roping. Trainer-C. Spencer. Jockey-U. Dominguez
3. Just Had to Be, b . g. 2, by Hadtobenuts--Just Wanna Teller, by Teller Cartel, Bred by: Dan Moon (ID ) Owner-Gibbs, Tyler and Ostdahl, Alan. Trainer-T. Gibbs. Jockey-O. Cervantes
Margins: 3½ ½ hd
Value to winner: $41,750 2nd $20,875 3rd $10,437
Time: 17.032
Track: Fast

>Miss Polly Classic S.
$50,000, Delta Downs, June 24, 3 yo's & up, 400 yards
1. Jess Bein the Hero, blk . c. 4, by Valiant Hero--Jess Braggin, by Mr Jess Perry, Bred by: Curtis Crenwelge (TX ) Owner-Martinez-Labastida,Juan. Trainer-M. Rodriguez. Jockey-S. Mendez
2. Politically Corrupt, sor . g. 4, by Apollitical Jess--Adorable Deer, by Leaving Memories, Bred by: Andrew M Gardiner (TX ) Owner-Double H Racing Investment LLC. Trainer-J. Sanchez. Jockey-R. Vallejo
3. Brave Heart Won, sor . g. 4, by Apollitical Jess--Fols Zookie Cookie, by Fols Gold, Bred by: Luis Miguel Albores Gleason (OK ) Owner-Saucier, Dwayne and Taylor, Michael. Trainer-M. Taylor. Jockey-J. Hamilton
Margins: nk ½ nk
Value to winner: $30,000 2nd $10,000 3rd $5,500
Time: 19.386
Track: Fast

>Bitterroot Derby
$24,630, Sandy Downs, June 24, 3 yo, 400 yards
1. Movin the Doe, sor . g. 3, by Maknmoves--Bundle Doe, by Hennessy-TB, Bred by: Steve Berry (UT ) Owner-Gonzales,Luis. Trainer-L. Gonzalez. Jockey-J. Valenzuela
2. Duck Dash N Go, b . f. 3, by Coronas Fast Dash--Duck Mea Running, by Tour de Kas, Bred by: Bobby D Cox (OK ) Owner-Treyes,Vicente. Trainer-M. Arrossa. Jockey-N. Ramirez
3. Jb Corona Heart, sor . g. 3, by Lovin This Corona--Pearl Heart, by Sixes Royal, Bred by: Jim G Hanson/Ben McKinney (UT ) Owner-McKinney, Ben L. and RTM Stables LLC. Trainer-M. Hanson. Jockey-J. Canales
Margins: ¾ no 1¼
Value to winner: $9,852 2nd $4,926 3rd $2,463
Time: 19.670
Track: Fast

>Expo Square S.
$17,500, Fair Meadows, June 24, 3 yo's & up, 870 yards
1. Admiral Zoomwalt, sor . g. 5, by Shazoom--Tellin It All, by First Down Dash, Bred by: Mike Nobles & Christine Hudson (OK ) Owner-Robinson,Justin. Trainer-J. Weghorst. Jockey-D. Blake
2. Thespeedprofessor, gr . g. 5, by Furyofthewind--Dreams for Lyndsie, by Takin On the Cash, Bred by: Kirk M Goodfellow (OK ) Owner-Darling Farms. Trainer-M. Hurdle. Jockey-M. Delgado
3. Give It to Shaq, sor . g. 4, by Afrashad-TB--Brittany Dale, by Jd Dash, Bred by: Jim D Pitts (TX ) Owner-Caldwell,Tana. Trainer-T. Caldwell. Jockey-J. Romero
Margins: ½ ¾ 2½
Value to winner: $10,338 2nd $3,446 3rd $1,620
Time: 45.341
Track: Fast

>Fair Meadows Juvenile S.
$17,500, Fair Meadows, June 24, 2 yo, 350 yards
1. Dean Miracle Ladd, sor . g. 2, by Dashair--My Miracle Lady, by Dean Miracle, Bred by: Kendrix Brothers (OK ) Owner-Kendrix Brothers. Trainer-E. Hardy. Jockey-M. Delgado
2. Chasin My Desire, gr . c. 2, by Chicks Regard--Hi Ho Desirio, by Desirio, Bred by: Sammy J Manek (OK ) Owner-Manek,Sammy. Trainer-L. Chavira. Jockey-D. Torres
3. Candyman Dash, ch . g. 2, by Cartels Candy Man--Peekaboo Dash, by Pritzi Dash, Bred by: Joe Casrez (OK ) Owner-Casarez,Joe. Trainer-R. Esqueda. Jockey-J. Romero
Margins: nk nk nk
Value to winner: $10,230 2nd $3,410 3rd $1,876
Time: 17.939
Track: Fast

>Indigo Illusion H.
$15,000, Los Alamitos, June 24, 3 yo, 350 yards
1. Trippys Royal Jess, ch . f. 3, by Apollitical Jess--Trippys Royal Dash, by First Down Dash, Bred by: Abigail K Kawananakoa (CA ) Owner-Kawananakoa,Abigail. Trainer-C. O'Dell. Jockey-C. DeAlba
2. Scholarly, sor . f. 3, by Tr Dasher--Now You Comeat Noon, by Bono Jazz, Bred by: Edward C Allred (CA ) Owner-Ledgerwood,Kolleen. Trainer-R. Dominguez. Jockey-E. Nicasio
3. Doing Trix, sor . f. 3, by One Sweet Jess--A Perfect Cocktail, by Corona Cocktail, Bred by: Jim Walker (ID ) Owner-Walker,Jim. Trainer-M. Arrossa. Jockey-C. Mendez
Margins: ¾ no nk
Value to winner: $8,250 2nd $3,375 3rd $1,875
Time: 17.527
Track: Fast

>Ben E Keith S.
$15,000, Retama Park, June 24, 3 yo, 330 yards
1. Fdp Rock Solid, sor . g. 3, by Rock Solid Jess--First Down Payment, by Deltas First Dash, Bred by: Sarah Huskey (TX ) Owner-Huskey,Sarah. Trainer-E. Rubio. Jockey-N. Villatoro
2. Dm Mighty La Jolla, sor . g. 3, by Mighty Corona--Mary La Jolla, by Streakin La Jolla, Bred by: Donna Mushinski (TX ) Owner-Mushinski,Donna. Trainer-K. Mushinski. Jockey-D. Beaty
3. Turbo Bok, sor . g. 3, by Boknaai--Streakin N Dancin, by Streakin La Jolla, Bred by: John Boegner (TX ) Owner-Boegner,John. Trainer-R. Washington. Jockey-R. Garza-Cruz
Margins: nk nk ½
Value to winner: $9,450 2nd $2,550 3rd $1,500
Time: 16.742
Track: Fast

>Old Timers Classic S.
$10,800, Lethbridge, June 24, 3 yo's & up, 350 yards
1. Toughie, ch . f. 4, by Stel Corona--Hard Lining, by Hawkish, Bred by: Edward C Allred (CA ) Owner-Stojan,Charles. Trainer-W. Leech. Jockey-F. Fuentes
2. Mals First Down, sor . g. 6, by Shazoom--First a Princess, by First Down Dash, Bred by: Bill T Robbins (OK ) Owner-Weaselhead, Charlie and Plume, Jim. Trainer-W. Leech. Jockey-S. Sterr
3. Er Cafe, b . c. 4, by Tres Seis--Hawks Halo, by Hawkinson, Bred by: Donalda M Cochrane (AB ) Owner-Cochrane,Donalda. Trainer-D. Cochrane. Jockey-M. Ortiz
Margins: 1 ½ no
Value to winner: $5,724 2nd $2,808 3rd $1,296
Time: 17.722
Track: Fast

>Bitterroot Juvenile S.
$10,000, Sandy Downs, June 24, 2 yo, 350 yards
1. Royallittlewagon, sor . f. 2, by Paintyourownwagon--Royal Lil Strike, by Royal Shake Em, Bred by: Enrique R Rojo (ID ) Owner-Rojo,Enrique. Trainer-S. Greene. Jockey-C. Benn
2. Rf Might Be a Hero, sor . g. 2, by Mighty B Valiant--Rf Carrie Okie, by Okey Dokey Dale, Bred by: Reese Farms Quarter Horse Llc (UT ) Owner-Braker, Leslie O. and Williams, Todd. Trainer-T. Williams. Jockey-O. Cervantes
3. Jess Ta Be a Blurr, sor . f. 2, by Jesse James Jr--Lp Fame for Sure, by Dash Ta Fame, Bred by: Larry Peterson (UT ) Owner-Peterson,Larry. Trainer-R. Moosman. Jockey-J. Valenzuela
Margins: ¾ 1¼ ½
Value to winner: $4,000 2nd $2,000 3rd $1,000
Time: 17.696
Track: Fast