Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 3/21/2017 through 3/27/2017


RP---Mar 25, Race 9 $251,000, 3 yo Open, 350 yards, :17.382, Fast
1. MYST FIT, gr. g. 3 - $100,400
Separatist--Mystifying by Mr Jess Perry B--Steve D Burns Dvm (CA), O--Newman Cattle Company and Simmons, Bobby, T--Trey Wood, J--Ricky Ramirez.
2. FAMOUSIST, b. g. 3 - $42,670
Separatist-- Ought to Be Famous by First Down Dash B--Steve D Burns Dvm (CA), O--Schoenhofer, Denis and Julie, T--Jose E. Gamez, J--Mario Delgado.
3. MISS RACY RUNAWAY, sor. f. 3 - $27,610
Apollitical Jess-- Dashin Vike by Dashin Bye B--Michelle Meiwes (OK), O--Stennett, Terry and Irene, T--Trey Wood, J--Edwuin Lujan.
Margins: nk ½ hd Also Ran: ,Jess Kool Lady, Cropped Top, Bellissima Chocolata, Desert Trail, Bp Jess Fast, Tommy the Train, Teardrops At the Bar,

RP---Mar 25, Race 8 $525,050, 2 yo Open, 300 yards, :15.286, Fast
1. IMA CHINA RUSH, sor. f. 2 - $210,020
Rushago--Ima Pyc China Doll by Pyc Paint Your Wagon B--Sherry Gilmore (OK), O--Sherry Gilmore, T--Guillermo Valdivia, J--Larry D. Payne.
2. PYC FUN N FANCY, b. c. 2 - $89,259
Pyc Paint Your Wagon-- First Prize Fancy by Mr Jess Perry B--Weetona Stanley (OK), O--Jose Ernesto Guzman, T--Luz Chavira, J--Daniel Antonio Torres.
3. PILOTO STRONG, sor. g. 2 - $57,756
Mr Piloto-- Strength in Numbers by Strawfly Special B--Grant Farms Llc (LA), O--Wilson, Renee K. and Merrill, Raymond, T--Clinton Crawford, J--Agustin Silva.
Margins: ½ 1 no Also Ran: ,Unconquerable, Ima Louisiana Girl, Tres of Elegants, Chasin My Desire, Im Jess Sweet, Krash Master, Lions Express,

LAD---Mar 22, Race 7 $233,578, 2 yo Open, 300 yards, :15.426, Fast
1. TOGETHER TO THE END, sor. f. 2 - $105,110
Inseperable--Gabbey Holland by Holland Ease B--Alejandro Moya (TX), O--Alejandro Moya, T--Jose Sanchez, J--Eddie Sanchez.
2. CAPITAN JIMBOB, sor. c. 2 - $39,708
Desirio-- War Silks by Corona Cartel B--Robert & Stacey Martin (TX), O--Felix J. Martinez, T--Wendy Garcia, J--Rene Gutierrez.
3. HEZ OUR BOY, gr. g. 2 - $23,358
Hez Our Secret-- Strawberry Cartel by Corona Cartel B--Burnett Ranches Llc (TX), O--Almada Racing, T--Josue Ponce, J--Manuel Gutierrez.
Margins: nk nk hd Also Ran: ,Emnent, Nsm Cherokee Warrior, Aguila, Krashing Runaway, Louisiana Silk, Ancient of Days, Shades of Gray,