> Cherry Creek Futurity
$74,680, Arapahoe Park, July 15, 2 yo, 330 yards
1. Indomable Cartel, b . c. 2, by The Louisiana Cartel--Tahiti Wave, by Wave Carver, Bred by: Francisco J Cornejo (CO ) Owner-Cornejo,Mariano. Trainer-L. Chavira. Jockey-F. Fonseca-Soto
2. Shinning Bianca, sor . f. 2, by One Handsome Man--Seis Star Glitter, by Tres Seis, Bred by: Hugo Barron Sierra (CO ) Owner-Sierra,Hugo. Trainer-J. Barron. Jockey-A. Triana Jr.
3. Its a Blackjack, br . c. 2, by Jet Black Patriot--Alluring Streak, by Streakin La Jolla, Bred by: George L Seward (CO ) Owner-Levings Racing LLC. Trainer-J. Hammes. Jockey-S. Smith
Margins: 1½ hd nk
Value to winner: $29,872 2nd $14,936 3rd $8,962
Time: 17.006
Track: Fast

>Lucille Rowe Derby
$59,580, Arapahoe Park, July 15, 3 yo, 350 yards
1. Iza Captain, sor . g. 3, by Captain Courage--Iza Flyin Eye, by Mr Eye Opener, Bred by: Richard or Genevieve Herrman (CO ) Owner-Andazola, Pedro and Lilia. Trainer-J. Corral. Jockey-J. Ruiz
2. Late N Dirty, sor . f. 3, by One Sweet Jess--Dashing Diva, by Victory Dash, Bred by: George L Seward (CO ) Owner-Seward,George. Trainer-J. Hammes. Jockey-A. Triana Jr.
3. Shes My Foose, b . f. 3, by Foose--Baby La Jolla, by Streakin La Jolla, Bred by: Hugo Barron Sierra (CO ) Owner-Barron,Hugo. Trainer-J. Barron. Jockey-P. Gonzales
Margins: 1 no hd
Value to winner: $23,832 2nd $11,916 3rd $7,150
Time: 17.840
Track: Fast

>Utah Bred Futurity
$34,800, Wyoming Downs, July 15, 2 yo, 350 yards
1. Bay Max, b . g. 2, by Dashair--Weekend Traffic-TB, by Olympio-TB, Bred by: Casey Woolstenhulme (UT ) Owner-Woolstenhulme,Casey. Trainer-R. Christensen. Jockey-J. Guzman
2. Letsgetitonmarvin, sor . g. 2, by Winners Version--Dashin Amy Jo, by Dash for Cash, Bred by: A & C Racing and Roping (UT ) Owner-Gurney,Allan. Trainer-C. Spencer. Jockey-U. Dominguez
3. Lt Heza Winner, br . g. 2, by Winners Version--Nurturist, by Separatist, Bred by: Tom Peterson (UT ) Owner-Saenz,Aron. Trainer-D. Garfias. Jockey-O. Cervantes
Margins: no nk 1¼
Value to winner: $16,356 2nd $6,264 3rd $3,828
Time: 17.741
Track: Fast

>Dash In A Flash S.
$17,700, Canterbury Park, July 15, 3 yo's & up, 110 yards
1. Lota James, br . g. 4, by Ivory James--Lotawatah, by Shazoom, Bred by: Steve A Holt (OK ) Owner-Whiting Ranch. Trainer-R. Hybsha. Jockey-N. Goodwin
2. Divas Candy Girl, sor . f. 4, by Spit Curl Jess--Some Kinda Diva, by Some Dasher, Bred by: Carl Pevehouse/Ezra Lee (OK ) Owner-Scheckel,Thomas. Trainer-J. Olmstead. Jockey-D. Velazquez
3. Bye Byefreighttrain, sor . g. 4, by Freighttrain B--Bye Bye Bygones, by Takin On the Cash, Bred by: L P Frank (OK ) Owner-Frank,L.. Trainer-K. Willis. Jockey-C. Esqueda
Margins: hd nk nk
Value to winner: $8,850 2nd $3,540 3rd $2,655
Time: 6987
Track: Fast

>Jack Rhoden Memorial Bonus Challenge
$17,020, Crooked River Roundup, July 15, 3 yo's & up, 250 yards
1. Gone Fast, blk . f. 4, by Meter Me Lucky--Beautiful Ashlee, by Hawkinson, Bred by: Phoenix Farms (ID ) Owner-Phoenix Farms. Trainer-S. Greene. Jockey-J. Samuels
2. Lebron 6, br . g. 5, by Jess Zoomin--Jn Sonoma Rose, by Meter Me Gone, Bred by: Michael and or Shannon McKay (OR ) Owner-Sanguino,Juan. Trainer-S. Sanguino. Jockey-J. Guerrero
3. Sorelli, sor . m. 5, by Brookstone Bay--Cupids Special Fly, by Strawfly Special, Bred by: A J Renner (OK ) Owner-Warlock Stable and Dougan, Kelly. Trainer-R. Barrett. Jockey-O. Gonzalez
DH-3: Tickle Ur Fancy, br . f. 4, by Dominyun--Sizzling Lola, by First Down Dash, Bred by: Bobby D Cox (OK ) Owner-Hayden Brothers Ranch. Trainer-H. Magallanes. Jockey-E. Gutierrez-Sosa
Margins: ½ nk 1
Value to winner: $9,361 2nd $3,404 3rd $1,361
Time: 13.239
Track: Fast