>Laddie Futurity S.
$357,981, Delta Downs, July 4, 2 yo, 330 yards
1. Sir Louisiana Dash, sor . g. 2, by Sir Runaway Dash--Ms Proverbial, by Separatist, Bred by: Tate Farms (LA ) Owner-Marquez, Jr.,Rogelio. Trainer-J. Marquez. Jockey-L. Vivanco
2. Ought to Go Tee, b . g. 2, by Tee Cos--Vf Ought to Go Max, by Bigtime Favorite, Bred by: Ronald J Gale (LA ) Owner-Oviedo,Jose. Trainer-F. Lopez. Jockey-R. Cabrera
3. El Camino Cl, sor . c. 2, by Heza Fast Dash--Eying Miss Perry, by Mr Jess Perry, Bred by: Delfino Lozano IV (LA ) Owner-Lozano, IV,Delfino. Trainer-J. Sanchez III. Jockey-E. Sanchez
Margins: ½ 1 ¾
Value to winner: $178,990 2nd $60,856 3rd $35,798
Time: 16.281
Track: Fast

>Old South Futurity
$151,255, Delta Downs, July 4, 2 yo, 330 yards
1. Whatahistoric Moment, sor . g. 2, by Fdd Going Grand--Jetblack Gold Moment, by Jet Black Patriot, Bred by: Mercy Hinklins Horse Farm Llc (TX ) Owner-Mercy Hinklin's Horse Farm, LLC. Trainer-L. Keith. Jockey-E. Rodriguez
2. Card One Starter, b . g. 2, by Docs Best Card--Stable Dancer, by Tempting Dash, Bred by: Jose E Guzman (OK ) Owner-Guzman,Jose. Trainer-A. Neri. Jockey-A. Silva
3. When Eagles Fly, sor . f. 2, by One Dashing Eagle--Chrome Hussy, by Corona Cartel, Bred by: Reliance Ranches Llc (OK ) Owner-Saldana, John and Chavez, Miguel. Trainer-A. Davila, III. Jockey-E. Sanchez
Margins: nk nk 1
Value to winner: $75,628 2nd $25,713 3rd $15,126
Time: 16.541
Track: Fast

>Indiana Grand QHRAI Derby
$100,079, Indiana Grand Race Course, July 4, 3 yo, 400 yards
1. Wrs Apolliticalivory, b . g. 3, by Apollitical Blood--Sassy Follies, by Ivory James, Bred by: Williams Racing Stables Inc (KY ) Owner-Williams Racing Stables, Inc.. Trainer-R. Smith. Jockey-S. Jackson
2. Mts Sixty Six Cartel, b . f. 3, by Carters Cartel--Going Sixty Six, by Sixarun, Bred by: Michael T Samples (KS ) Owner-Cunningham,Anthony. Trainer-A. Cunningham. Jockey-E. Esqueda
3. My Pillow, gr . f. 3, by Favorite Cartel--Iba Quick Chick, by Chicks Beduino, Bred by: Steve D Burns Dvm (CA ) Owner-Gamez,Daniel. Trainer-J. Vazquez. Jockey-G. Vazquez-Gomez
Margins: 2 hd ½
Value to winner: $56,166 2nd $20,424 3rd $10,212
Time: 19.934
Track: Fast

>Develop A Plan S.
$35,000, Delta Downs, July 4, 3 yo's & up, 350 yards
1. Featuring Fast Jess, sor . g. 5, by Heza Fast Dash--Featuringmissjess, by Mr Jess Perry, Bred by: Jumonville Farms/Burnett Ranch (LA ) Owner-Rancho FL, LLC. Trainer-R. Meche. Jockey-N. Castaneda
2. Gunsmoke B, gr . g. 7, by American Runaway--Dashing Pana, by Toast to Dash, Bred by: Bielau Oaks (LA ) Owner-Marquez, Jr.,Rogelio. Trainer-J. Marquez. Jockey-A. Alberto
3. Dlj Imma B Famous, b . g. 7, by Coronas Leaving You--Yugo Buds, by Strawflyin Buds, Bred by: Donald Henderson (LA ) Owner-McKinnon,Myron. Trainer-E. Morales. Jockey-U. Luna
Margins: no hd nk
Value to winner: $21,000 2nd $7,000 3rd $3,850
Time: 17.398
Track: Fast

>Selma S.
$30,000, Retama Park, July 4, 3 yo's & up, 350 yards
1. Hopey Chick, gr . m. 5, by Chicks Regard--Take Off Babe, by Take Off Jess, Bred by: Bob McClure (NM ) Owner-Heavy Hitters Racing Stables. Trainer-J. Valeriano, Jr.. Jockey-R. Hernandez, Jr.
2. Saratoga Return, gr . f. 4, by High Rate of Return--Johns Party Girl, by Mr Eye Opener, Bred by: Efrain Mendez (OK ) Owner-Mendez,Marili. Trainer-A. Neri. Jockey-J. Pulido
3. Ss Classyjess, gr . f. 4, by Rock Solid Jess--High Class Broad, by Royal Shake Em, Bred by: Ronnie Stewart/Double S Farm (TX ) Owner-Rosales,Edgar. Trainer-J. Carrizales. Jockey-J. Garcia
Margins: nk no ½
Value to winner: $17,700 2nd $5,100 3rd $3,000
Time: 17.830
Track: Fast

>Tower of the Americas S.
$30,000, Retama Park, July 4, 3 yo's & up, 550 yards
1. Viva Le Don, br . g. 4, by Rock Solid Jess--Viva Arriba, by Pyc Paint Your Wagon, Bred by: Jack Manning & Tammy Johnson (TX ) Owner-Rockin J Running Horses. Trainer-T. Johnson. Jockey-J. Vega
2. Five Bar Jewel, sor . g. 4, by Five Bar Cartel--First Down Hemp, by First Down Jewel, Bred by: Richard & Janelle Simon (LA ) Owner-Guzman,Jose. Trainer-A. Neri. Jockey-V. Urieta, Jr.
3. Jax Louisiana Game, blk . g. 6, by The Louisiana Cartel--Thunder Got Game, by Game Patriot, Bred by: Richard King (TX ) Owner-Hamilton,Reta. Trainer-L. Bard. Jockey-L. Constantin
Margins: 1¼ ¾ ½
Value to winner: $17,100 2nd $5,100 3rd $3,000
Time: 27.092
Track: Fast

>King William S.
$30,000, Retama Park, July 4, 3 yo's & up, 350 yards
1. Mpshinning, b . c. 4, by Mr Piloto--Shinningperrydash, by First to Shine, Bred by: Jon and Donna McPherson (LA ) Owner-Boudreaux,Larry. Trainer-A. Huitron. Jockey-N. Duran
2. Krash Course, gr . h. 5, by Krash Cartel--Rare Eye Opener, by Mr Eye Opener, Bred by: Bennie and Terri Jeter (TX ) Owner-Nevarez,Martha. Trainer-A. Huitron. Jockey-P. Espinosa
3. Kiss My Whuut, sor . g. 3, by Kiss My Hocks--Not My Choice, by Jody O Toole, Bred by: Cindi M Keeton (TX ) Owner-Three Bar T Quarter Horses. Trainer-C. Keeton. Jockey-J. Pulido
Margins: nk nk hd
Value to winner: $17,700 2nd $5,100 3rd $3,000
Time: 17.716
Track: Fast

>Jack Robinson H.
$8,000, Pleasanton, July 4, 3 yo's & up, 350 yards
1. Buccaneer Baby, ch . g. 6, by Buccaneer Beach--Rosys Doll, by Hawkinson, Bred by: Jose Alfredo Aguila (CA ) Owner-Aguila,Jose. Trainer-J. Aguila. Jockey-L. Camacho-Flores
2. Walk It Man, b . h. 5, by Walk Thru Fire--Attack the Cartel, by Corona Cartel, Bred by: Steve D Burns Dvm (CA ) Owner-Suyematsu-Guzman,Taryn. Trainer-J. Aguila. Jockey-P. Flores
3. Cotton Cartel, ch . f. 4, by Special Cartel--Cotton Belle-TB, by High Cotton-TB, Bred by: Ashley T Garcia (CA ) Owner-Garcia,Ashley. Trainer-A. Aquino. Jockey-H. Herrera
Margins: ¾ ¾ ½
Value to winner: $4,582 2nd $1,666 3rd $1,000
Time: 17.976
Track: Fast