Lazy E Ranch Releases 2019 Stud Fees
Lazy E Ranch released their 2019 stallion fees this week.

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Lazy E Ranch Releases 2019 Stud Fees

GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA – OCTOBER 29, 2018 —Lazy E Ranch is confident you will find in our roster a stallion that will make a significant contribution to your 2019 breeding program. It is our long-held belief that breeders are the cornerstone of the Quarter Horse industry and for the past 30 years we have tried to provide stallions that will offer genetic superiority and top return on investment for our breeders.

We invite you to visit our stallion barn and evaluate potential mates for your mares. Time spent comparing stallions is some of the most important any breeder spends during the year.

Come by and see the stallion that checks the list for you in terms of conformation, race record, pedigree, siring success, sales return and value for the fee. You are always welcome at Lazy E Ranch.

* Fee announcement following Annual Syndicate Meeting on 11/1/18
** Fee announcement following the Super Derby G1 11/10/18