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Sire Stallion Fee Farm State
Famous Gold Coin
 Gold Fame N Fortune$1,100 Bedonna's Stallion StationOklahoma
Favorite Trick-TB
 Favorite Cartel$10,000 Burns RanchCalifornia
 Good Reason SA$12,500
Vince Genco California
FDD Dynasty
Diamond S Performance HorsesAlberta
 FDD Going Grand$1,500Louisiana Center For Equine Reproduction Louisiana
 Jr Dynasty Mountain$1,500R/M Stables Utah
 Moon Dynasty$1,250Sierra Blanca Equine New Mexico
 Phoebe Dynasty$750McConnell Performance Horses Indiana
Feature Mr Jess
 Chilled Corona$1,500 Silverado Stallion StationTexas
 Feature Mr Bojangles$3,000Jumonville Farms Louisiana
 Featuring Habits$1,000Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital Indiana
 First Down Mr Jess$1,000High Plains Genetics South Dakota
 Flyingwitheagles$1,250Mountain States Equine New Mexico
 Jess Got Easier$1,000
Hawthorne Animal Hospital Idaho
 Jesscuzican$1,250Joneson Ranch Oklahoma
 Tf Featured Effort$2,000Bar Y Equine New Mexico
Fire Water Flit
 Im Alive Firewater$1,250
Intermountain EquineUtah
First Dinastia
 Docs First Dynasty$1,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary HospitalIndiana
First Down Dash
 A Regal Choice$1,500 Texas StudTexas
 Awesome Chrome$1,000C3 Speed Horses Texas
 Bodacious Dash$2,500Granada Farms Texas
 Brimmerton$2,000Hart Farms Louisiana
 Brisco County Jr$2,500Genetic Jump Ltda São Paulo
 Corona Caliente$1,500Hart Farms Louisiana
 Corona Czech$2,500EG High Desert Farm California
 Dash Ta Fame$8,500Bob and Darian Burt Utah
 Dashair$1,000C Hangin C Performance Horses Oklahoma
 Dashin Dynamo$1,250Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, P.C. Texas
 Down N Dash$1,000Granada Farms Texas
 Embrujo Fg$1,500Dr Mark Petry Farm Louisiana
 FDD DynastyPrivateBob Moore Farms Oklahoma
 First Corona Home$1,000Harms Farm Mexico
 First DinastiaTBAPeterson Stallion Farm LLC Utah
 First Down Illusion$2,000Sky Stone Ranch New Mexico
 First Down Jewel$1,500R J Farms Louisiana
 First Down King$1,500Firth Ranch California
 First Down Morn$2,500Genetic Jump Ltda São Paulo
 First Spittin Image$1,200
Touch of Heaven Ranch Oklahoma
 First To Blaze$1,000Mountain States Equine New Mexico
 Granite LakePrivateRancho das Américas São Paulo
 Harems Last Dash$1,000AVS Equine Hospital Florida
 Hawkinson$3,000EG High Desert Farm California
 Hez Our Secret$3,500Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Hooked On Run$1,250
Southern Oklahoma Quarter Horses Oklahoma
 Impecably Bred$750Hawks' High Mess Ranch Colorado
 King Of Heart$1,500Hart Farms Louisiana
 Make It Anywhere$4,000Louisiana Center For Equine Reproduction Louisiana
 Maknmoves$1,500R/M Stables Utah
 Mighty Corona$2,500DLR Ranch Texas
 No Secrets Here$3,000Royal Vista Ranches Oklahoma
 Ocean Runaway Private6666 Ranch Texas
 Parsons Rock Parsons Family Limited Partner California
 Rare News$1,000Birch Creek Ranch Montana
 Royal Quick Dash$2,500RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
 Royaltys Choice$1,500Getaway Farm California
 Shining First Dash$2,500Delta Equine Center Louisiana
 Sir Runaway Dash$3,000Tate Farm Louisiana
 Sir Seth$600Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch Texas
 Specially Alluring$1,500Scarlett Hill Farm, Inc. Texas
 Stoli$4,000Hart Farms Louisiana
 Sweet First Down$2,000Abraham's Equine Clinic Iowa
 Tac It Like A Man$2,500Zerlotti Genetics Ltd. Texas
 Tempting Dash$8,500Granada Farms Texas
 Tf Im That Guy$2,000Tate Farm Louisiana
 Tr Dasher$2,000Rolling A Ranch California
 Twoforthedough$1,200South Valley Large
Animal Clinic
 Valiant Hero$10,000Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Volcom$3,000Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Walk Thru FirePrivateBurns Ranch California
 Wave Carver$2,000AVS Equine Hospital Florida
 Zest Quest$1,000Hebert Quarter Horses Louisiana
 Zulu Dragon$6,000Frontera Training Center New Mexico
First to Flash
 First MoonflashPrivate Double L L FarmNew Mexico
Fishers Dash
 Fishers SpecialPrivate Rancho das AméricasSão Paulo
Five to Six
 Yellow Hammer Six$1,000 K & L PERFORMANCE HORSESTexas
 Glock$1,500 R/M StablesUtah
 Justified$1,000Holdaway Ranch Utah
Forest Wildcat
 Attila's Storm (TB)$4,000 A & A RanchNew Mexico
Frenchmans Fury
 Chasin My Dreams$900 Bedonna's Stallion StationOklahoma
Frenchmans Guy
 A Smooth Guy$3,500 Royal Vista RanchesOklahoma
 Guys Pocket Coin$1,500
Cross Country Ranch Oregon
 Brace For Bernal$1,500 Delta Equine CenterLouisiana
 Turbulent Times$1,200South Valley Large
Animal Clinic