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State Stallion Sire Fee Farm
  A Revenant Mr Jess Perry $3,600 6666 Ranch
  Awesome Chrome First Down Dash $1,000(2018) C3 Speed Horses
  Azoom Shazoom $1,500 Granada Farms
  Bigtime Favorite Chicks Beduino $2,500 6666 Ranch
  Bucks Hancock Dude Watch Me Dude To $1,000(2018) Southwest Stallion Station
  C'mon Tiger (TB) Storm Cat $800(2018) Seven S Farms
  Captain Courage Mr Jess Perry $3,000 6666 Ranch
  Catch This Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000
Blackmon Quarter Horses
  Category Five (TB) Storm Cat $1,500
Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, P.C.
  Chickie Cherry Cola Chicks Beduino $1,000(2018) C3 Speed Horses
  Chief Corona Corona Czech $1,000(2018) Outlaw Equine
  Chilled Corona Feature Mr Jess $1,500 Silverado Stallion Station
  Corona Silver Corona Cartel $1,500 RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
  Dashin Dynamo First Down Dash $1,250(2018) Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, P.C.
  Dealagame Game Patriot $1,000 Granada Farms
  Desirio Strawfly Special $2,350(2018) Zerlotti Genetics Ltd.
  Down N Dash First Down Dash $1,000 Granada Farms
  Ec Jet One The Louisiana Cartel $5,000 Granada Farms
  Epic Leader Confederate Leader $3,500(2018) Southwest Stallion Station
  Executive Rule Executive Menace $750
Double K stables
  First Down Dash Dash for Cash Private 6666 Ranch
  Fly The Red Eye Mr Eye Opener $2,000(2018) Flying K Ranch
  Four Six Jess Mr Jess Perry $600(2018) Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch
  Freakier Walk Thru Fire $1,000(2018) C3 Speed Horses
  Ja Jess Perfect Mr Jess Perry $1,000 Granada Farms
  Jess Mr Chicks Chicks Beduino $500
Burleson Farm
  Kiss My Hocks Tempting Dash $6,500(2018) Southwest Stallion Station
  Lethal Corona Corona Cartel $1,500(2018) Texas Stud
  Lunarpal (TB) Successful Appeal $750(2018) Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch
  Mighty Corona First Down Dash $1,500 DLR Ranch
  Mr Jess Perry Streakin La Jolla Private 6666 Ranch
  My Famous Romance One Famous Eagle $850 RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
  Ocean Runaway First Down Dash Private 6666 Ranch
  One Famous Diamond Mr Jess Perry $1,000(2018) C3 Speed Horses
  One Famous Eagle Mr Jess Perry Private 6666 Ranch
  Orderly (TB) Pulpit $850(2018) Salt Whistle Ranch
  Pool Shazoom $2,000(2018) Hinojosa Farms
  Primetime Dream Royal Shake Em $500(2018) Double S Farm
  Quietly Delayed (TB) Delayer $850
Morales Ranch
  Ragazzo Shazoom $750(2018) Haddad Ranch
  Royal Quick Dash First Down Dash $2,500 RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
  Royal Shake Em Royal Quick Dash $2,500(2018) Double S Farm
  Simply Macho Heza Fast Man $500(2018) Double S Farm
  Sir Seth First Down Dash $600(2018) Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch
  Slm Flashfire Chicks Beduino $500(2018) Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch
  Special Effort Raise Your Glass-TB $3,500 6666 Ranch
  Special Royal Corona Corona Cartel $1,500 C3 Speed Horses
  Streakin Six Easy Six $3,500 6666 Ranch
  Super Corona Holland Ease $1,500 Luke Ranch
  Tac It Like A Man First Down Dash $2,500(2018) Zerlotti Genetics Ltd.
  Tempting Dash First Down Dash Private Treaty Granada Farms
  This Is An Eagle One Famous Eagle $1,000 Granada Farms
  View Me Flying Tres Seis $1,000 Granada Farms
  Wanta Bully Bar Bullys On Fire $1,000
Medlock Performance Livestock, LLC
  What The Buck King Corona $300(2018) Terligua Ranch
  Winners Award Runaway Winner $800 RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
  Yellow Hammer Six Five to Six $1,000(2018) K & L PERFORMANCE HORSES