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State Stallion Sire Fee Farm
  Lil Kool Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000 Urich Farm
  Racy Casanova Stel Corona $1,250 Iowa State Unversity
  Sweet First Down First Down Dash $2,000 Abraham's Equine Clinic
  Dale Badon Corona Cartel $1,000 Hawthorne Animal Hospital
  Jess Got Easier Feature Mr Jess $1,000
Hawthorne Animal Hospital
  Nu Gold N Cash Nu Cash $500
Hawthorne Animal Hospital
  Latent Rush (TB) Latent Heat $1,000
RCCA Racing
  Colonial Colony (TB) Pleasant Colony $1,200 Holden Thoroughbred & Running Quarter Horse Farm
  Docs First Dynasty First Dinastia $1,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Eckelson (TB) Bahri $650 Holden Thoroughbred & Running Quarter Horse Farm
  Elite Squadron (TB) Officer $2,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Fast N Famous Eagle One Famous Eagle $1,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Featuring Habits Feature Mr Jess $1,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Gonamakeyoureyesblue Mr Jess Perry $1,000 McConnell Performance Horses
  Jazz Be First Bono Jazz $1,000 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Jess Zoomin Shazoom $1,500 West Central Veterinary Services
  One Famous Versace Corona Cartel $1,000 McConnell Performance Horses
  Phoebe Dynasty Fdd Dynasty $750 McConnell Performance Horses
  Quite a Handful (TB) Mutakddim $850 Holden Thoroughbred & Running Quarter Horse Farm
  Santiva (TB) Giant's Causeway $2,500 Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital
  Seize The Win Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500 McConnell Performance Horses
  Victor's Cry (TB) Street Cry (IRE) $10,000
Holden Thoroughbred & Running Quarter Horse Farm