Film Of The Month: QH Racing Partnership Film Part 2 (VIDEO)
StallioneSearch's December Film of the Month: QH Racing Partnership is now available.

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Film Of The Month: QH Racing Partnership Film Part 2 (VIDEO)

DALLAS, TX—DECEMBER 3, 2018— releases the Film Of The Month series of short films being sponsored by Horse Logic on, as well as on Facebook.

The installment for the month is a second part of a multi-part series where's resident film maker, Greg Thompson, explores the dynamics of setting up a hypothetical Quarter Horse racing partnership called Millionaire 2B Partners.

In the hypothetical setting, a 10-way partnership is formed to purchase four different yearlings, from four different yearling sales in 2018 with a bankroll of $100,000. Hall of Fame trainer Russell Harris, and retired Thoroughbred trainer Hal Wiggins make cameo appearances throughout the series.

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