Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 2/13/2018 through 2/19/2018


Races (Ordered by Sire)

JESSAPOLLITICALDIVA, b. f. 3, Apollitical Jess--Echoes of Angels by Eyesa Special, B--Jerry Cate (TX), T--Ramon A. Alvarez, O--Lupe Gonzales, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 400 yards, by hd

MISTER BROOKS, gr. g. 7, Brookstone Bay--Just a Little Run by Heza Fast Man, B--Charles & Vicki Vasquez (NM), T--Juan M. Esquivel, O--Hector Parada, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 400 yards, by no

LORETO, b. g. 3, Carters Cartel--Puerto Nuevo by Benchmark, B--Edward or Theresa Denike (WA), T--Patricia D. Visscher, O--DeNike, Theresa and Edward, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 18, 870 yards, by ¾

PONOOKIES PRIDE, br. g. 4, Divide the Cash--Achieving Cash by Achievement, B--John Provost or Keith Lacroix (LA), T--Edwin Lee Ladner, O--Judith Ladner, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 400 yards, by nk

MOUNTAIN DREAMS, b. f. 4, Euroears--Sheza Cash Fortune by Six Fortunes, B--Arnold J Trahan (LA), T--Jose A. Garcia, O--Arnold J. Trahan, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 300 yards, by nk

FAIR AND SQUARE, sor. f. 3, Foose--Forgive Him by Hawkinson, B--Edward C Allred (CA), T--Christopher G. O'Dell, O--Veronica Gail Worth, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 17, 300 yards, by ¾

AMERICAJUN, gr. f. 4, Genuine Botticelli--Windsor Gray by American Champ, B--David & Denise Primeaux (LA), T--Lanny Keith, O--Primeaux, David and Denise, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 18, 400 yards, by nk

HEZA HARD HITTER, br. g. 7, Hard Hitting--Shez Social by Heza Fast Man, B--Clint Wilharm or Richard Ellis (NM), T--Jim I. Lewis, O--Jim B. Lewis, RILLITO, Feb 18, 250 yards, by no

WHIPLASH MCDASH, br. g. 3, Heza Fast Dash--Mollie McLash by Irish Open, B--Darrell Williams (LA), T--Orlando Orozco, O--Dania Castellanos, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 13, 220 yards, by ½

HIGHEST RETURN, sor. g. 4, High Rate of Return--Cute N Rimen by Major Rime, B--Cnn Breeding (OK), T--Eric Daniel Marquez, O--Marquez Racing LLC., SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 400 yards, by 1

AROSE, b. f. 4, Jess Louisiana Blue--My Shining Rose by First to Shine, B--High-Value Resources Llc (LA), T--Elroy Potts, Sr., O--High Value Resources LLC, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 220 yards, by ½

DANCING QUICK EAGLE, sor. g. 3, One Famous Eagle--Rustys Quickid by Royal Quick Dash, B--Clyde Wilmott (TX), T--Ricardo G. Armendariz, O--Garcia, Billy M. and Olivas, Guadalupe J., SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 350 yards, by 1½

RED DIABLO VICTORY, sor. g. 5, Rebs Royal Dasher--Im Victorious Two by Victorious Moon, B--Miguel Gutierrez (AZ), T--Phil Pinedo, O--Miguel A. Lopez, RILLITO, Feb 17, 220 yards, by ½

FLYING LEONE, sor. f. 3, Sir Seth--Rc Time to Fly by Fly Jess Fly, B--Minne De Leon (TX), T--Eduardo L. Morales, O--Minnie Deleon, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 350 yards, by ½

ZOOMING FOR STOLI, sor. g. 3, Stoli--Zooming On Ice by Azoom, B--Gerald Landry & James Lejeune (LA), T--Edwin Lee Ladner, O--Louis W. Smith, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 18, 300 yards, by nk

TASTES WORK OF ART, sor. f. 3, Three Ohs for Cash--Tastesstarlightdisco by #A Taste of the Wind, B--William Phillip Kuby (TX), T--Salvador G. Flores, O--Jerome Lopez, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 18, 300 yards, by 1

TRES ON FIRST, b. g. 3, Tres Seis--Chick On First by First Down Dash, B--Janet McKinnerney (TX), T--Jose Antonio Flores, O--Janet McKinnerney, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 16, 300 yards, by ½

DA ONE SPECIAL, sor. f. 4, Two Corona Special--Da One by Mr Jess Perry, B--Hector Padilla (CA), T--Felix L. Gonzalez, O--Felix L. Gonzalez, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 16, 100 yards, by hd

BOOGIES SPECIAL DASH, sor. g. 5, Walk Thru Fire--Boogie Special by Strawfly Special, B--Jaime H Gomez (CA), T--Wesley T. Giles, O--Kenneth Ruthardt, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 400 yards, by nk

AVERYS FIRE, sor. f. 3, Walk Thru Fire--Averys Little Bit by Streakin La Jolla, B--Mark Shannon Shurbet (TX), T--Ramon Guerrero Trejo, O--Ramon R. Vega, MEXICO CITY, Jan 21, 300 yards, by no

DANCER CHOCOLATE, sor. c. 3, Ze Dancer--Megs of Memory by Leaving Memories, B--Felix Banuelos (MEX), T--Oscar L. Garcia, O--Marcos Velazquez Torres, MEXICO CITY, Jan 21, 250 yards, by 1