Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 2/14/2019 through 2/20/2019


Races (Ordered by Sire)

CM A DANDY LA JOLLA, sor. g. 3, Big Daddy Cartel--Babydoll La Jolla by Streakin La Jolla, B--Currie J Maben Estate (NM), T--Gerardo Ochoa-Pena, O--Nadine Maben, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 16, 350 yards, by nk

BIG AND TALENTED, b. f. 3, Big Daddy Cartel--Strictly Dashin by Tr Dasher, B--Jose A Enriquez (NM), T--Jose Leon Ramirez, O--Arnulfo E. Cardenas, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 15, 400 yards, by ¾

FORTUNE FOR MOMA, br. g. 5, Dashin Kas--Chasing a Fortune by Six Fortunes, B--Southcrest Farms Llc (LA), T--Anthony Arey, O--Geral Dewitt, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 870 yards, by nk

EXECUTIVE YOLO, gr. g. 3, Executive Menace--Mia Mora by Chick Happens, B--Raul Oviedo (TX), T--Yoni R. Martinez, O--Raul Oviedo, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 18, 440 yards, by nk

GOIGN GRAND PERRY, sor. g. 3, Fdd Going Grand--Jp Straight Shot by Mr Jess Perry, B--Mercy Hinklins Horse Farm Llc (TX), T--Lanny Keith, O--Mercy Hinklin's Horse Farm, LLC, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 19, 330 yards, by ¾

BLUEAWAY CARTEL, gr. f. 3, Game Patriot--Sheza Runaway by Ocean Runaway, B--Ryan and Danielle Robicheaux (LA), T--Brenda Foster, O--J and Y Racing, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 16, 220 yards, by ½

GOLD MEDAL SPLASH, gr. f. 3, Gold Medal Man--Dash to Splash by First Down Dash, B--Temple Scott Richardson (KS), T--Armando Castellanos, O--Fabian O. Mendez, RILLITO, Feb 17, 250 yards, by no

DEVILS MISTRESS, b. f. 4, Hi Level Daredevil--Special Sign Effort by Special Effort, B--Stanley Forbes (TX), T--Richard D. Sedillo, O--Stanley Forbes, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 15, 300 yards, by nk

TAILORED SENATOR, b. f. 3, Louisiana Senator--Tac Me Home by Tac It Like a Man, B--Victor W Pryor Jr (OK), T--Ty Remington, O--Ty Remington, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 18, 220 yards, by ½

MOVE OVER ROVER, sor. g. 3, Man On the Move--Hennessey's House by Roll Hennessy Roll, B--Nannette or Terry Lane (NM), T--Charles S. Treece, O--Lane, Nannette and Lane, Terry, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 16, 870 yards, by 2½

ONE MIGHTY EAGLE, sor. g. 4, One Famous Eagle--Kates Dynasty by Fdd Dynasty, B--Smith/Windham/Guthrie (TX), T--James B. Padgett, II, O--Shirley Richardson, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 16, 400 yards, by 1¾

OLIVERSSWEETPRINCESS, sor. f. 3, One Sweet Jess--Taste My Cleat by Dashing Cleat, B--Robert Parra (CA), T--Valentin A. Zamudio, O--Ernesto Parra, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 16, 300 yards, by hd

DARLENE SHEZ FLYING, sor. f. 3, Shining First Dash--Agouti Can Fly by Agouti, B--Gerald M Provost/Kenneth Smith (LA), T--John P. Fox, O--Kenneth Ray Smith, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 300 yards, by ¾

MG SAMSON SPIN, sor. g. 3, Ss Samson--Spin a Brim by Brimmerton, B--Mario Gonzalez (TX), T--Janessa Lee Muniz, O--Mario Gonzalez, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 17, 220 yards, by hd

AMAIAHS RAIN STORM, sor. f. 4, Storm Passage--Amaiahs Party by Party Man Can, B--Dr Dudley G Chewning (LA), T--Donald Rubin, O--Sarah Alderman, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 16, 440 yards, by 1½

TEE LOVREN, b. g. 3, Tee Cos--Agaritta by Streakin Sixes, B--Lyle Guillory (LA), T--Willie J. Simien, Jr., O--Jose Estrada Quarter Horses, LOUISIANA DOWNS, Feb 19, 220 yards, by nk

MOON WALKER, b. g. 3, Walk Thru Fire--Breanna Moon by In Excess (IRE), B--Edward C Allred (CA), T--Scott Willoughby, O--Edward C. Allred, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 15, 300 yards, by hd

SHOCKING, br. g. 3, Walk Thru Fire--Bemused by Separatist, B--Edward C Allred (CA), T--Scott Willoughby, O--Edward C. Allred, LOS ALAMITOS, Feb 15, 300 yards, by nk

AL SIETE D COPAS, br. g. 3, Winners Version--Oflee Wicked by Offlee Wild, B--Double Eagle Ranch (NM), T--Gabriel Gama, O--Lorenzo Alba, SUNLAND PARK, Feb 15, 400 yards, by nk