Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 11/14/2017 through 11/20/2017


Over $5,000(Ordered by Value)
TUP---11/14 Value of Race $6,000, 2 yo Open, 300 yards, 15.771, Fast.
1. COME N CATCH ME, br. f. 2, (Texas Icon--Loves What Counts by Count Corona), $3,683; B--Ralph or Carolyn Fales (AZ), O--Fales, Carolyn and Ralph, T--Matthew M. Fales, J--Jorge Martin Bourdieu.
2. PURE IVORY, br. g. 2, (Ivory James--First Down Destiny by First Down Dash), $1,188; B--Harvey/Brenda Pickens (ID), O--Rigoberto Guillen, T--Rigoberto Guillen, J--Emilio Tapia.
3. CORRUPT, sor. c. 2, (Stel Corona--Hayleys My Name by Royal Streakin), $594; B--Bill And/Or Marsha Drake (CO), O--Eloy G. Navarro, T--Eloy G. Navarro, J--David Reyes-Frisby.

LA---11/18 Value of Race $10,050, 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares), 300 yards, 15.593, Fast.
1. WALK AROUND BLUES, b. m. 5, (Walk Thru Fire--Queens R Blue by Shazoom), $5,500; B--Lucky Seven Ranch (CA), O--Steve D. Burns, T--Michael V. Casselman, J--Cesar DeAlba.
2. FAVORITE KISS, ch. f. 4, (Favorite Cartel--The Goodbye Kisser by First Down Dash), $2,250; B--Paul C Jones & Marcello Jorge (CA), O--Howard Nichols, T--Paul C. Jones, J--Jesus Rios Ayala.
3. THRICE WISE, sor. f. 4, (Tres Seis--Another Wise Lady by First Down Dash), $1,250; B--Parsons Family Limited Partner (CA), O--George L. Seward, T--Jose Antonio Flores, J--G. Jairo Rangel.

LA---11/17 Value of Race $12,600, 3 yo's & up Open, 100 yards, 65.64, Fast.
1. SNOWY CORONITAS, br. g. 5, (Count Corona--Snowy Memory by This Snow Is Royal), $6,600; B--Luis Mariscal (CA), O--Cuadra Mariscal, T--Adriana Vallejo, J--Juan Carlos Ramirez.
2. IM SHAKY, sor. m. 6, (Embrujo Fg--Shaky Kate by Special Shake), $2,700; B--Paul Newmaster (OK), O--Jaime H. Gomez, T--Jaime H. Gomez, J--Eduardo Nicasio.
3. UNCLAIMED DIVIDEND, b. g. 4, (A Mere Chocolate--Chavela Magic by Hawkinson), $1,500; B--Eg High Desert Farms (CA), O--Eg High Desert Farms, T--Valentin A. Zamudio, J--Cesar DeAlba.

LA---11/17 Value of Race $20,000, 3 yo's & up Open, 870 yards, 44.701, Fast.
1. MISS LOUJEAN, ch. m. 6, (Unusual Heat--Tempting Date by Perfect Mandate), $11,000; B--Adam Lewis & Paul Lewis (CA), O--Craigmyle, Keith E. and Lewis, Paul C., T--Keith E. Craigmyle, J--Vinnie Bednar.
2. BOUND TO BET, gr. g. 3, (Snowbound--Bet She Flys by Tr Dasher), $4,500; B--Edward C Allred (CA), O--Edward C. Allred, T--Scott Willoughby, J--Juan E. Sanchez.
3. CINDYS SECRET, ch. m. 6, (Sea of Secrets--Captural by Bertrando), $2,500; B--Randi Sackett & Rick Sackett (CA), O--Sackett, Randi, Sackett, Rick and Wallace II, Jerry, T--Jerry Wallace, II, J--Matt S. Garcia.

ZIA---11/18 Value of Race $25,650, 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares), 250 yards, 13.212, Fast.
1. MS FAST PRIZE TRACY, b. f. 3, (Captain Courage--Fast Prize Tracy by Shazoom), $15,000; B--Weetona Stanley & W E Smith (TX), O--Melvin Neugebauer, T--Wesley T. Giles, J--L. Salvador Martinez.
2. KEEP IT CLASSY, gr. f. 3, (Fdd Dynasty--Eyesa Jumpn by Eyesa Special), $5,500; B--Vessels Sf Llc/Jesus Huitron (CA), O--Zamora Accounting Services, T--Jose Ignacio DeHerrera, J--Jose Luis Enriquez.
3. SHESAGOODONE, sor. f. 4, (Perry Tee Chick--Ida Red Time by Power of Romance), $3,150; B--Shoe L Inc (NM), O--Erick Carrillo, T--Michael Megariz, III, J--Esgar Ramirez.

ZIA---11/19 Value of Race $28,500, 3 yo's & up Open, 550 yards, 27.228, Fast.
1. REGARDS MIRACLE, sor. g. 3, (Chicks Regard--Old Lady Mitchell by Dean Miracle), $17,100; B--Richard Franco (NM), O--Brooks, Joe Dee, Rushing, Ted, Bryant, Scott and Lewis, R. Lee, T--Michael W. Joiner, J--L. Salvador Martinez.
2. MAMACITA CARTEL, b. f. 3, (Big Daddy Cartel--Posies Woodette by Woodbridge), $6,270; B--David Bloomer (NM), O--David Bloomer, T--Cynthia G. Gonzalez, J--Adrian A. Ramos.
3. HOW BOUT DAT, sor. g. 3, (Coronas Blackdiamond--Magic Yard by Ghazi), $2,850; B--Sarah E Donaldson Rioux (NM), O--Leann Archuleta, T--Adam Archuleta, J--Jose Luis Enriquez.