Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 3/21/2017 through 3/27/2017


Over $5,000(Ordered by Value)
TUP---03/26 Value of Race $5,000, 3 yo's & up Open, 350 yards, 18.055, Fast.
1. LA MONEDA, sor. f. 3, (The Bounty Man--Bookinlittlescooter by Heza Motor Scooter), $2,976; B--Juan Estrella Chavero (AZ), O--Juan Estrella Chavero, T--Eloy Mendoza, J--Emilio Tapia.
2. FLASHIN MOLLY, b. f. 4, (First Moonflash--Mollie Jo Perry by Mr Jess Perry), $960; B--Mike Abraham & Derrol Hubbard (NM), O--Pinedo Brothers Quarter Horses, T--Jesse Pinedo, J--Luis Rene Yescas.
3. DOCS FAMOUS EAGLE, sor. g. 4, (One Famous Eagle--The Shawnee Lady by Super de Kas), $480; B--Henrichs/Cowboy Dentist Fm Llc (KS), O--Cowboy Dentist FM LLC, T--Mark Esquibel, J--Richard E. Lull.

LA---03/26 Value of Race $11,025, 3 yo Open, 330 yards, 16.850, Fast.
1. MYFAVORITESTREAKER, gr. g. 3, (Favorite Cartel--Checkoutthestreaker by Check Him Out), $6,050; B--Ronald J Hartley (CA), O--Ronald J. Hartley, T--John L. Cooper, J--Cesar DeAlba.
2. GLEN ELLYN, br. f. 3, (Favorite Cartel--Truly a Delightful by Teller Cartel), $2,475; B--James Markum & Steve Burns (CA), O--Markum, J. G. and Burns, S. D., T--Paul C. Jones, J--Roberto C. Hernandez.
3. EAGLE APPEALS, sor. c. 3, (One Famous Eagle--Queen of Appeals by First Down Dash), $1,375; B--Gianni Franco Samaja (CA), O--Vaughn M. Cook, T--Paul C. Jones, J--Ramon Sanchez.

LA---03/24 Value of Race $11,025, 3 yo's & up Open, 350 yards, 17.518, Fast.
1. MR PYC TO YOU, br. c. 4, (Pyc Paint Your Wagon--Stylish Sign by Vital Sign), $6,050; B--The Mixer Ranch (OK), O--Nichols, Howard, Van Amburgh, Denise and Van Amburgh, Ronald, T--Paul C. Jones, J--Ramon Sanchez.
2. FREE SWINGER, b. g. 4, (Walk Thru Fire--Chickasis by Chicks Beduino), $2,475; B--Edward C Allred (CA), O--Abigail K. Kawananakoa, T--Paul C. Jones, J--Oscar M. Peinado.
3. SNITCHING, b. g. 4, (Walk Thru Fire--Departing by Raise a Secret), $1,375; B--Edward C Allred (CA), O--Fawna Knight, T--Mark V. Skeen, J--Tony F. Guymon.

LAD---03/21 Value of Race $11,140, 3 yo's & up Open, 870 yards, 46.280, Fast.
1. IM MIGHTY FAST, b. g. 4, (Mighty Corona--Sheza Fast Doll by Beat the Feet), $7,500; B--Brent Cody Leblanc (LA), O--Triple C Racing Stables, LLC, T--Guadalupe F. Tristan, J--Juan Carlos M. Garcia.
2. BET I MAKE U FAMOUS, sor. g. 5, (One Famous Eagle--Lone Bet by First Down Dash), $1,700; B--James G Markum/Robert T Moudy (TX), O--Harman, Vernon and Moudy III, Robert T., T--Trey Ellis, J--Alfonso Lujan.
3. NEWS NOW, b. g. 7, (Hiclass La Jolla--First Place Pass by First Place Dash), $935; B--Dena Todd (TX), O--Ronda A. Tucker, T--Brian Stroud, J--Donald James Guynes.

LA---03/24 Value of Race $12,000, 3 yo's & up Open, 870 yards, 46.188, Fast.
1. LAND OF THE FREE, ch. g. 6, (Tribal Rule--Roses 'n Rainbows by Commendable), $6,430; B--Jeff Siegel (CA), O--William L. Heck, T--Angela Maria Aquino, J--Efrain Hernandez.
2. GABE'S PRIDE, dk b/. g. 8, (Langfuhr--Gabe's Prospect by Allen's Prospect), $2,630; B--Bar None Ranches (AB), O--Gabriel Alan Williams, T--Jesus Nunez, J--Minor Arana.
3. PERFECT GENIUS, dk b/. g. 8, (Beau Genius--Perfect Slew by Slewgoodtobetrue), $1,470; B--JoAnn Talaugon & Garrie Thompson (CA), O--C D Ranch, T--Jesus Nunez, J--Christian M. Aragon.

RP---03/26 Value of Race $18,000, 3 yo's & up Open, 330 yards, 16.984, Fast.
1. DOTTY DANGER, b. f. 3, (Foose--Strawfly Sting by Strawfly Special), $10,530; B--Ken Phillips (TX), O--Jahree Standridge, T--Luis Villafranco, J--Mario Delgado.
2. FAST N FURIOUS JR, sor. g. 4, (Jesse James Jr--Annie Okey Special by Okey Dokey Dale), $3,510; B--Jose Olivas (NM), O--Olivas Racing LLC, T--Charles Duke Shults, J--Tanner Thedford.
3. CRYING EAGLE, gr. h. 5, (One Famous Eagle--Fantastic Penny Sue by Gone to the Man), $1,931; B--Laurenano Perez Espinoza (TX), O--Laureano Espinoza-Perez, T--Jose C. Espinoza, J--Paul H. Nieto.

RP---03/23 Value of Race $19,260, 3 yo Open, 330 yards, 17.116, Fast.
1. AREGAL RAINBOW, sor. f. 3, (Apollitical Jess--The Regal Streak by #A Regal Choice), $11,430; B--Michael J Ahern (OK), O--Ahern, Michael and Ahern, Gail, T--Stacy Charette-Hill, J--Jorge Torres.
2. OUR MISS DYNA, sor. f. 3, (Fdd Dynasty--Our Miss Perry by Mr Jess Perry), $3,510; B--Michael S Amburn (TX), O--Stennett, Terry and Irene, T--Trey Wood, J--Ricky Ramirez.
3. ONE EAGLE THINGS, sor. g. 3, (One Famous Eagle--Things That Fly by Strawflyin Buds), $2,291; B--Luis Miguel Albores Gleason (OK), O--Alona James, T--Eddie D. Willis, J--Jose Vega.

RP---03/25 Value of Race $19,800, 3 yo's & up Open, 330 yards, 16.645, Fast.
1. HIGH SPEED KITTY, sor. f. 3, (High Rate of Return--Kitty D Ville by Takin On the Cash), $11,430; B--Richard Joneson (OK), O--Richard Joneson, T--Clinton Crawford, J--Omar Reyes.
2. JC WILD ROSE, sor. f. 3, (Apollitical Jess--Oh Cherokee Rose by Stoli), $4,050; B--Jose Cervantes (OK), O--Jose Cervantes, T--Luis Villafranco, J--David Pinon.
3. COUNTRY ADMIRAL, sor. g. 3, (Country Chicks Man--Azoom Babe by Azoom), $2,291; B--Bollenbach Farms (OK), O--Coover, Ron and Dolores, T--Gary K. Walker, J--Gonzalo Gutierrez.