Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Announces Its 2024 Officer Elections
LQHBA has announced its 2024 Board of Directors.

Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Announces Its 2024 Officer Elections

ALEXANDRIA, LA–MAY 7, 2024–The Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders announced its 2024 officer elections.

President                     Kirt Chaisson
1st Vice President       Dr. Larry Findley
2nd Vice President      Jerome Bellard
Secretary                      Bobbi Randle

New Board Members elected in 2024 include Mr. Major Thibaut – South East District and Mr. Stephen Deville – Central District.

Mr. Major Thibaut was born, raised, resides, and operates Bayou Stirling Equine in a small area of Pointe Coupee Parish called Oscar.  Major has served as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (2008 – 2019) and currently serves as parish president of Point Coupee.  Major has been an LQHA Member for over 17 years.  Major’s wife and children share his passion for raising Louisiana Bred racehorses.

Mr. Stephen Deville began working at Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction in 2013 and recently became a part owner in the Company. Stephen is a founder and partner in S&E Sales Prepping which has rapidly grown over the past decade. Stephen has greatly enjoyed meeting new clients and friends in the industry through this venture.  Stephen believes the LQHBA is by far the strongest and best breed organization in the country.  Stephen hopes to dedicate time and energy to ensure the organization continues to provide benefits for his children and the next generation of LQHBA members.

2024 LQHBA Board of Directors:
Central District:    Karen Falgoust, Stephen Deville, Richard Ortego
North District:    Michael Hayes
South Central District:    Jerome Bellard, Kenny Patton, Brandon Trahan
Southeast District:    Riley Blanchet, Major Thibaut, Tim Rogers
Southwest District:    Kirt Chaisson, Larry Findley, DVM, Bobbi Randle