Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation Asks For Help Supporting The Aguirre Famly
Please help support the Aquirre family with continued support and prayers after the tragic loss of their son Cruz.

Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation Asks For Help Supporting The Aguirre Famly

As a community, our horsemen and women are strong and come together to support each other in times of need. Ricardo Aguirre, a former graded stakes winning jockey and Texas-based trainer, along with his wife Baylee and son Leo, need prayers and support following the tragic passing of their three-year-old son Cruz.

Cruz went to sleep as his happy self and did not wake up the following day. He had no pre-existing health issues, so the family is still trying to come to terms with what happened. They are in shock and trying their best to understand this new reality.

"Cruz was a loving, intelligent, beautiful boy and too perfect for this world; God needed his angel more than we did," said his mother, Baylee. "His love was infectious, and I am so proud to have raised such an amazing child."

Services were held last Tuesday. Lip Chip has partnered with the Sam Thompson Memorial Foundation to help raise money for the continued support of this family of fellow horsemen during their time of need.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to help the Aquirre family. 100% of the benefits will go to supporting them. Let's continue to keep Ricardo, Baylee, and Leo in our thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this difficult time of grieving.



Cruz Alexander Aguirre was welcomed with excitement and joy by parents Baylee & Ricardo Aguirre and big brother Leo on November 9, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas. Though born into a tumultuous year for the world over, it was clear from birth that part of his life’s mission would be to bring love and healing.

As an infant, among the first glimpses into his unique character were his innate gentleness in loving others and his calm self-assuredness in moving through the world. He is a very special soul who has so much to show us.

We often think we understand our true passion and potential by answering questions like “What would you attempt in life if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Cruz’s life showed us how limitless we truly are if, instead, we ask, “What about you shines brightest when you welcome and nurture your truest nature and divine gifts?” Cruz’s nature and gifts were defined by his capacity for love and learning.

He loved openly and showed affection with a warm, calm demeanor that struck caregivers and those close to him. While many children seek arms to hold, secure, and comfort them, Cruz naturally sought to give and grow as much and more than he received from others. If he fell or failed at play, he was quick to hoist himself up and reassure those around him with a quick “I’m ok” and return to play.

He loved and was loved by a wide and deep tribe built on his strong foundation at home with his parents and big brother Leo. He profoundly affected the lives of grandparents, extended family on both sides and close friends. Cruz’s gift continues to show us, with the tremendous outpouring of love and support at his passing, the profound impact of an open heart.

Cruz was also marked by his incredible intelligence. He was not simply mimicking or just quick to learn but showed a personal drive and passion for learning. Left to his own devices, Cruz could almost always be found playing with his ABC blocks.

He would wake up early or steal away to play quietly with them alone or with whoever would join him. By two, it was clear he was doing more than mindlessly stacking blocks: He had taught himself to read, spell, and count. And he could easily connect ideas to language, letters, and numbers.

Counting backward from 100 was another recent self-taught accomplishment. The joy of how words and knowledge help us connect to each other and the world was so clearly tied to his divine nature: it was simply how he experienced his daily life and moved through the world.

Though only offered for 3 years, 7 months, and 12 days, Cruz brought the world love and healing and showed what is truly possible for all of us by simply and beautifully living as our divine, unique, and perfect selves. And he did it so perfectly, so beautifully, that our Heavenly Father welcomed him Home on June 27, 2024. He has more plans awaiting him. And we can’t wait to hear them when we see him again.