Breeders’ Program In Wyoming: Lucrative For State
The revenue from the Historic Horse Racing terminals has helped to boost live horse racing events in Wyoming and supplemented bigger incentives for horse breeders throughout the state.

Breeders’ Program In Wyoming: Lucrative For State

CASPER, WY—APRIL 12, 2021—Historic Racing revenues in Wyoming are being utilized to restore the state’s horse racing industry as well as securing major economic stability for the state with resounding success.

The revenue from the Historic Horse Racing terminals has helped to boost live horse racing events in Wyoming and supplemented bigger incentives for horse breeders throughout the state. It has brought a great revenue source to the State of Wyoming, Wyoming municipalities and agricultural based businesses and communities.

Over $2.7 million was distributed to the Wyoming Breeder Awards Fund in 2020 despite the loss of revenue and race days due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These awards are paid out to eligible owners, breeders and stallion owners of registered Wyoming Bred horses that participate in Wyoming live race meets throughout the state. Over $12.5 million dollars has now been allocated to the fund from Historic Racing terminals since 2013.

For calendar year 2020, 226 Accredited Wyoming Breds raced throughout the cowboy state. The top award participant Mike Lipp received $226,317.73 for being an owner, breeder and stallion owner of Wyoming bred horses which earned him the prestigious title of Breeder and Stallion Owner of the Year.

The High Point Racehorse honor is Kayla Warren’s thoroughbred Smiling Tricks whose 55 points earned over $15,000 in award money for various owners.

Top Owner of the Year, Gerald Kaul earned $61,991.52 in owner awards for his 10 horse stable, including top runner Zoomin Brindis, to once again claim the championship honor.

The Wyoming Bred Stallion of the Year, Brindis Por Cayenne sired foals that earned Candice Carden $100,752.38.

The late broodmare BCR Splashin Krispy foals Wind River Version and Wind River Dynasty efforts on the track have earned breeder William Shuldberg over $20,277.60 and clinches her the title of Broodmare of the Year.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of Wyoming Bred Champions.

The Wyoming Breeder Awards Program has made the State of Wyoming one of the most lucrative state bred programs in the country, not only supporting the breeders but more revenues for the State of Wyoming.

Top 2020 Breeder and Stallion Owner of Year Mike Lipp of Greybull has spent a lifetime supporting the horse racing and breeding industry especially in Wyoming. He raises and breeds dozens of mares and stands his own stallions including one of Wyoming’s Top Accredited Stallions, Coronas Velvet and is amazed at what the awards program has done for the value of Wyoming bred horses.

"I sell most of my Wyoming Bred racehorses before they are even weaned from the momma’s, these babies are now marketable," Lipp said.

The Wyoming Bred Program is flourishing with 624 current mares and 61 stallions being registered as Accredited Wyoming Breds. Dan LaPierre of Powell stated, the breeder’s program and historic racing has become the livelihood of horseracing in Wyoming."

LaPierre has also purchased a new stallion to stand in Wyoming, Junior June Bug, and has upgraded his broodmare band by buying new mares to better his breeding program. "The competition is getting more competitive and we must keep improving our horses’ bloodlines, he added."

Lifelong Wyoming breeder Rick Hillstead states, "The Wyoming Breeder Awards Program has been a total blessing to myself and my family."

The awards money has made our breeding business a success and has helped bring not only my wife and son closer but my whole family to work together." Not only are they expanding the business as a family but are being able to put more dollars back into the community through agriculture businesses such as feed stores and vet services.

The awards program has also brought many new Ag related business ventures into Wyoming including expansion of vet service operations and real estate. Tyrel Powell of Ranwell Racing, LLC, whose family have raised and raced horses for decades in Wyoming, saw a need for an equine breeding facility in Wyoming that could safely house the influx of new broodmare and stallions entering the state.

Powell and his wife Megan decided to buy a 10 acre dormant horse facility in Laramie, Wyoming (Ranwell Equine Center) along with 200 acres of hay land in Torrington to feed the horses at the newly renovated center.

Powell stated, "We saw an opportunity to expand our agricultural roots back into Wyoming not only for our horses but other clients. We are proud Wyoming Business owners and feel fortunate to offer a service for participants in the Wyoming Breeder’s Award Program and the equine industry in Wyoming."

The revenue from the historic racing terminals for Wyoming municipalities for 2020 reached over $6.7 million to distribute back to cities and counties where the Historic Racing terminals are located. Over $36 million dollars has been distributed to local municipalities since Historic Racing was implemented in 2013.

Other contributions from the Pari-Mutuel Industry in 2020 included $1.6 Million to the State of Wyoming and $1.6 Million to the Legislative Stabilization Reserve account. "It is essential for the state, industry leaders and citizens to focus on what benefits the Cowboy State and with a collaborative effort the racing industry will continue to provide major economic stability for the state," stated the Wyoming Gaming Commission Executive Director Charles Moore.

Wyoming will run 50 live race days in 2021, starting May 22, 2021. Live races will be conducted at the following racetracks:

  • Energy Downs, Gillette, WY-16 days (May 22 – June 27)
  • Wyoming Downs, Evanston, WY-18 days (June 12 – August 8)
  • Sweetwater Downs, Rock Springs, WY-16 Days (August 14 – September 26).

For more information on the Wyoming Bred Program and live racing please visit the Wyoming Gaming Commission website: