Royal Vista Ranch, LLC

Stallion Sire Fee
A Smooth GuyFrenchmans Guy$3,500(2023)
Apollitical JessMr Jess Perry$35,000(2023)
Docs Best CardCorona Cartel$5,000(2023)
Eagles Fly HigherOne Famous Eagle$3,500(2023)
FDD Going GrandFdd Dynasty$3,000(2023)
Frenchmans GuySun Frost$6,000
ICSI Only(2023)
Gonna B FamousOne Famous Eagle$2,000(2023)
Heart Of The CartelCorona Cartel$1,500(2023)
Lucky Wonder HorseFirst Down Dash$3,000(2023)
Mr Apollitical DashMr Jess Perry$2,000(2023)
Promise Of The SunMp Jet to the Sun$1,500(2023)
26822 St. Hwy. 59, Wayne, OK 73095
Cole Morehead, Owner
Inquiries to:
Laura Erickson, Farm Manager
- Fax: 405-449-7474