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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
Darrel Henry Quarter HorsesMissouri
  Apollitical Uprise Apollitical Jess $1,250
  Cartels Feature Corona Cartel $1,000
  Valiant Master Dashing Val $1,000
Delta Equine CenterLouisiana
  Agouti Corona Cartel $2,000
  Majestic Cartel Corona Cartel $2,000
  Paint Me Perry Pyc Paint Your Wagon $2,000
  RC Me Leaving You Coronas Leaving You $3,500
Double A RanchOklahoma
  Paint My Pilot Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500
Double K StablesTexas
  Executive Rule Executive Menace $1,000
Double L L FarmNew Mexico
  A Passion For Flashn First Moonflash $2,000
  Capitol Guy (TB) Dome $2,000
  First Moonflash First to Flash Private
  Flare For Ivory Ivory James $2,500
  Jess A Chicks Chicks a Blazin $3,500
  Marfilmio Ivory James $2,000
  Mr. Gold Mover (TB) Mr. Greeley $2,000
  Rocket Seventeen Apollitical Jess $2,500
  Runaway Ghost Real Runaway $2,500
  Tf Im That Guy First Down Dash $2,500
Dunn RanchOklahoma
  A Revenant Mr Jess Perry $4,500
  Aint He Tempting Tempting Dash $2,500
  Chilitos Apollitical Jess $5,000
  French Streakin Jess A Streak of Fling $3,000
  Guys Canyon Moon Frenchmans Guy $2,250
  In Hott Pursuit One Famous Eagle $2,500
  Juice Is Loose One Famous Eagle $1,250
  McM Imahoss Tres Seis $3,000
  Moscato Fame Dash Ta Fame $2,000
  One Valiant Hero Valiant Hero $2,000
  Power Jam (TB) Concord Point $1,750
  Pyc Fun N Fancy Pyc Paint Your Wagon $2,750