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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
Genetic Jump LtdaSão Paulo
  Brisco County Jr First Down Dash $2,500(2022)
  First Down Morn First Down Dash $2,500(2022)
Getaway FarmCalifornia
  Royaltys Choice First Down Dash $1,500(2022)
Glasses CreekOklahoma
  Gonna Ro Sham Bo Real Runaway Private(2022)
  Special Rate (TB) Pulpit $3,000(2022)
Golden Creek Equine, LLCWyoming
  First Down Illusion First Down Dash $1,259(2022)
Goldilocks RanchAlberta
  First Down Leaving First Down Dash $1,000(2022)
  Goldin Warrior First Timber $1,000
Gragg RanchOklahoma
  Pyc War Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon TBA
Granada FarmsTexas
  Azoom Shazoom $1,500(2024)
  Cyber Attack Favorite Cartel $7,500(2024)
  Dealagame Game Patriot $1,000(2024)
  Ec Jet One The Louisiana Cartel $5,000(2024)
  Eye On the Card Docs Best Card $3,500(2024)
  Hawkeye One Dashing Eagle $1,500(2024)
  Hiclass La Jolla Streakin La Jolla $1,500(2024)
  Mm I Bleed Maroon Epic Leader $1,300(2024)
  One Famous Eagle Mr Jess Perry $15,000(2024)
  Red Oak Special Oak Tree Special $750(2024)
  Tempting Dash First Down Dash $10,000(2024)
  This Is An Eagle One Famous Eagle $2,000(2024)
  View Me Flying Tres Seis $1,000(2024)
Greene, Lewis & AssociatesLouisiana
  Fc The Fire Monster Notenough Firewater $1,250