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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
Oklahoma Equine Reproductive CenterOklahoma
  Diamond (TB) Mr. Prospector $1,000
  No Mans Whizkey Whizkey N Diamonds $1,000
  Stray Cat Storm Cat-TB $2,000
Oklahoma State University Vet Med RanchOklahoma
  Mhm Hotwire Cartel Success-QH $2,000
  Pilots Moonflash First Moonflash $1,250
  Sycamore Lane Dash Ta Fame $1,500
  Zbars Livewire Fs (PT) Crm Livewire $750
Outback Stallion StationIdaho
  Smokin Hott Pistol Spots Hot $1,000
Outlaw EquineTexas
  Bet Hesa Ginnin Bet Hesa Cat $2,500
  Carrizzo Dash Ta Fame $2,000
  Epic Leader Confederate Leader $6,500
  Epic Rokstar Epic Leader $1,750
  Firewaterontherocks Fire Water Flit $5,000
  Freckles Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame $5,000
  Frenchmans Coronajet Bedouin Cartel $1,200
  Guiltybyassociation Fire Water Flit $1,500
  Itchin for a Hug Cat Ichi $1,100
  Legally Famus Frenchmans Guy $2,000
  Metallic Chrome Cat Metallic Cat $2,500
  Metallic Payday Metallic Cat $2,000
  Moonshinesgotmefiren Fire Water Flit $1,250
  Popular Resortfigure dual pep $2,500
  Reys a Shine Dual Rey $2,500
  Shawne Streakin Jet A Streak of Fling $2,500
  Sjr Metallic Oak Metallic Cat $2,500
  Streakin Boon Dox A Streak of Fling $4,000
  Willie B Firewater Fire Water Flit $1,500