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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
Saw Ranch Stallion StationColorado
  Darkelly First Down Kelly $3,000
  Florida Georgia Line Vs Flatline $1,500
  High On Peyote REF Black Mamba $1,250
  Magnum Frenchmans Guy $2,000
  Makin Dark Money Darkelly $1,750
  Pcr Pink Cadillac Dash Ta Fame $3,500
  Ref Black Mamba Jacs Electric Spark $2,000
  Technicolours Frenchmans Guy $2,250
  Vanila Viper Dash Ta Fame $2,000
Scarlett Hill FarmTexas
  D Cosmic Cartel The Louisiana Cartel $1,000
  Dash Master Jess Mr Jess Perry $1,500
  Mister Fulton Corona Cartel $1,000
Schultz Racing StablesColorado
  De Capitator Bar Capo de Capi $1,000
  Get Down Royally The Down Side $1,000
Sierra Blanca EquineNew Mexico
  American Anthem (TB) Bodemeister $3,000
  Hi Level Daredevil Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,250
  Jumpn Chic Chicks Beduino $2,000
  Perrys Stamina Mr Jess Perry $1,500
Sierra FarmNew Mexico
  Bf Legacy Separatist $1,250
Silver Spurs Equine, LLCOklahoma
  Im A Fancy Pyc Pyc Paint Your Wagon $3,500
Sky Stone RanchNew Mexico
  Kings Golden Prince King Aire $800
  Rex Hill Jesse James Jr $1,500
Snow Ranch, LLCTexas
  Bigtime Favorite Chicks Beduino $2,000
  Buzzinga Jet Black Patriot $1,500
  Captain Courage Mr Jess Perry $2,000
  Lil Kool Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon Private
  Too Tough To Catch Corona Cartel $1,250
South Valley EquineUtah
  Conn Creek Dash Ta Fame $2,500
  Jesscuzican Feature Mr Jess $1,200
  Jlos Ivory Ivory James $1,200
  Jr Dynasty Mountain Fdd Dynasty $2,000
  Kodakrome First Moonflash $1,000
  Lt Tres Ta Fame Tres Seis $1,200
  Magnum With a Dream Magnum Chic Dream $1,750
  Pappasito Corona Cartel $1,500
  The Redwood Original Pc Redwood Manny $1,000
  Trumped U Metallic Cat $1,150
Southern Indiana Equine, Inc.Indiana
  Nonstop Firewater Fire Water Flit $2,500
Spring Hill FarmsLouisiana
  Diane To Be A Hero Valiant Hero $1,500
  Eagle Deluxe One Famous Eagle $1,250
  Fast Prize Jordan Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500
  Louisiana Jambalaya Jet Black Patriot $1,250
  San Lorenzo Coronas Leaving You $4,000
  You Drive I Fly Jet Black Patriot $2,000
Stage Rock Performance HorsesWisconsin
  One Swift Eagle One Dashing Eagle $1,200
Star Bailey RanchOregon
  Guys Pocket Coin Frenchmans Guy $1,200
  Judge My Class Judge Cash $1,200
Steele FarmsOklahoma
  Cocked an Loaded SF Royal Quick Flash $750(2022)
  Eyem Showin Off Mr Eye Opener-QH $500(2022)
  Royal Quick Flash Royal Quick Dash $1,000(2022)
  Streak And Dash Streakin La Jolla $850(2022)
Sunset Well Service RanchTexas
  Muddy Watters Corona Cartel $3,000