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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
Taos River Ranch, LLCOklahoma
  Dmnv Mountable Panther Mountain $1,000(2022)
Tate FarmsLouisiana
  Five Bar Cartel Corona Cartel $4,500
  Heza Fast Rogue Heza Fast Dash $1,750
  Majestic Cartel Corona Cartel $2,000
  One Dashing Eagle One Famous Eagle $6,500
  One Sweet Jess Mr Jess Perry $5,500
  Rip Tide Corona Cartel $2,500
  Sir Runaway Dash First Down Dash $3,000
  Stevie B First Cash First Down Dash $1,500
Terligua RanchTexas
  What The Buck King Corona $300(2022)
Texoma Quarter HorsesOklahoma
  On the Money Bugs On the Money Red $750(2022)
  Perks Alive Dash for Perks $1,500(2022)
  Rare Cigar Rare Bar $850(2022)
  Streaking Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame $1,500(2022)
  Tres Kings Tres Seis $1,200(2022)
TG Horse Racing LLCLouisiana
  Coup de Dasher Some Dasher TBA(2022)
The Quarter CompanyNew Mexico
  A Royal Jess Mr Jess Perry $1,500(2022)
  Czar Cartel Mv Corona Cartel $1,500(2022)
  Delhomme (TB) Dixie Union $1,500(2022)
  Justin Phillip (TB) First Samurai $3,000(2022)
  Moonflash Numbers First Moonflash $1,500
  Mp Alone French Hymn Pc Frenchmans Hayday $1,500(2022)
  Quemados Version Winners Version $1,500(2022)
  Rime Chimes Sign to Be A Runaway $1,500(2022)
  Running Buddy FDD Dynasty $1,500(2022)
  Shame On Charlie (TB) Indian Charlie $2,500(2022)
  Sign to Be A Runaway Real Runaway $1,500(2022)
  Streakin Zoomer Shazoom $1,500(2022)
  Sway Away (TB) Afleet Alex $1,500(2022)
  Tf Featured Effort Feature Mr Jess $2,500(2022)
The Rockin BB Ranch LLCOklahoma
  Awesome Chrome First Down Dash $1,000(2022)
Thunder Spirit RanchManitoba
  Dash To The Arctic Holland Ease $1,200(2022)
  Wagons West Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500(2022)
TNL Farm, Inc.New Mexico
  Man On The Move The Down Side $1,500(2022)
  Quick Action (TB) Carson City $1,000(2022)
  Stellar Rain (TB) Storm Cat $1,250(2022)
Touch of Heaven Ranch Oklahoma
  First Spittin Image First Down Dash $1,200
Triple C Performance HorsesSaskatchewan
  Cowboy 109 Favorite Cartel $1,250
Triple T FarmsLouisiana
  Mr Einstein Dashin Bye $1,000