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State Stallion Sire Fee Farm
  Bs Gimme Five Six to Five $500 BS Quarter Horses LLC
  Conn Creek Dash Ta Fame $1,500(2023) R/M Stables
  Dash Ta Fame First Down Dash $8,500 Bob and Darian Burt
  Eye On Corona Corona Cartel $1,500 South Valley Equine
  Five Seasons (TB) Giacomo $1,000 Peterson Stallion Farm LLC
  Harems Last Dash First Down Dash $1,000 Weldon Quarter Horses
  Jess Paint Me Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000(2023) R/M Stables
  Jr Dynasty Mountain Fdd Dynasty $2,000(2023) R/M Stables
  Justified Foose $1,000 Holdaway Ranch
  Looking For Speed Looking for Chicks $1,000 KMA Racing Stables
  My Smooth Frenchman Frenchmans Guy $1,000
HM Horses
  Onthewingsofglory Mr Jess Perry $1,000 SOG Horse & Cattle
  Pappasito Corona Cartel $1,500(2023) R/M Stables
  Pcr Pink Cadillac Dash Ta Fame $2,000 South Valley Equine
  Solid Hitter Stel Corona $1,000 KMA Racing Stables
  Twoforthedough First Down Dash $1,200 South Valley Equine