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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
La Feliz Montaņa RanchNew Mexico
  Bogart Corona Cartel $2,500
Lazy E RanchOklahoma
  Big Lew Corona Cartel $2,500(2023)
  Corona Cartel Holland Ease $20,000(2023)
  Coronado Cartel Corona Cartel $3,000(2023)
  Cyber Monday Favorite Cartel $4,000(2023)
  Dulce Sin Tacha Jess Good Candy $4,500(2023)
  Epic Leader Confederate Leader $6,500(2023)
  Hez Our Secret First Down Dash $2,000(2023)
  Jess Fire Me Walk Thru Fire $2,500(2023)
  Jess Good Candy Good Reason Sa $9,500(2023)
  Kiss My Hocks Tempting Dash $8,000(20223)
  Kvn Corona Corona Cartel $5,000(2023)
  Pyc Paint Your Wagon Corona Cartel $6,000(2023)
  The Marfa Lights One Famous Eagle $2,500(2023)
  Uncle D Corona Cartel $3,500(2023)
  Valiant Hero First Down Dash $8,500(2023)
Lone Star Farms/Rafter S RanchTexas
  Four Six Jess Mr Jess Perry $600
  Lunarpal (TB) Successful Appeal $750
  Sir Seth First Down Dash $600
  Slm Flashfire Chicks Beduino $500
Louisiana Center For Equine ReproductionLouisiana
  First Prize Doc Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500(2023)
  Hes Innocent Hes Relentless $2,500(2023)
  Imperial Hint (TB) Imperialism $2,000
  Kj Mucho Macho Man Apollitical Jess $2,250(2023)
  Love The Way You Fly Furyofthewind $2,000(2023)
  Mr Piloto Mr Jess Perry $2,500(2023)
  The Louisiana Cartel Corona Cartel $4,000(2023)
Lowe's Perf HorsesIndiana
  Okey Dokey Bye Bye Okey Dokey Dale $1,000(2023)
Lucky B Performance HorsesArkansas
  Frenchmans Biankus Frenchmans Guy $1,200
Luke RanchTexas
  Super Corona Holland Ease $1,500