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Sire Stallion Fee Farm State
Carson City
 Carnacks Choice (TB)Private R & R Racing StablesOhio
 Quick Action (TB)$1,000TNL Farm, Inc. New Mexico
Cartel Success-QH
 Bull$850 C Hangin C Performance HorsesOklahoma
 Crm Livewire-PT$2,000(2021)James Ranch Oklahoma
Cash Find
 Cowboy Bundy$1,000
Bundy RanchOklahoma
Chicks a Blazin
 Jess A Chicks$3,000 Double L L FarmNew Mexico
Chicks Beduino
 Bigtime Favorite$2,000 6666 RanchTexas
 Chick Happens$1,500Dr Mark Petry Farm Louisiana
 Chickie Cherry Cola$1,000C3 Speed Horses Texas
Big Chino Equine Arizona
 Country Chicks Man$2,000Rafter SM Ranch Oklahoma
 Eg Special Ways$1,000EG High Desert Farm California
 Jess Mr Chicks$500
Burleson Farm Texas
 Jumpn Chic$1,500Sierra Blanca Equine New Mexico
 Omega Rythm$1,000
CJ Ranch California
 Separatist$3,000(2021)Zerlotti Genetics Ltd. Texas
 Slm Flashfire$500Lone Star Farms/Rafter S Ranch Texas
Concord Point
 Power Jam (TB)$3,000(2021) Jumonville FarmsLouisiana
Confederate Leader
 Epic Leader$4,500(2021) Lazy E RanchOklahoma
 Epic Leader$3,500Southwest Stallion Station Texas
Corona Cartel
 Agouti$2,000 Delta Equine CenterLouisiana
 Big Daddy Cartel$5,500MJ Farms New Mexico
 Big Lew$2,500Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Bv Travelin Soldier$1,500Belle Mere Farm, Ltd. Oklahoma
 Call Me Cole$2,000(2021)Southwest Stallion Station Texas
 Capo de Capi$1,500Belle Mere Farm, Ltd. Oklahoma
 Cartel Success$1,200Dunn Ranch Oklahoma
 Cartels Feature$1,000Darrel Henry Quarter Horses Missouri
 Carters Cartel$4,000Cox Stallion Station Louisiana
 Corona B$1,200Bubel Quarter Horses North Dakota
 Corona Silver$1,500(2021)RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
 Corona Surfer$2,400Born Running Ranch New Mexico
 Coronado Cartel$4,000Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Coronas Leaving You$4,500(2021)Cox Stallion Station Louisiana
 Coronas Prospect$1,500
James Ranch Oklahoma
 Cosino$1,500Dr Mark Petry Farm Louisiana
 Dale Badon$1,000Hawthorne Animal Hospital Idaho
 Dee Barn$500Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. Indiana
 Docs Best Card$2,500(2021)Bob Moore Farms Oklahoma
 Dragon Wings$1,250Claude Jeane Farm Louisiana
 Encore$1,200Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital Indiana
 Escondido Beach$1,500Miller Ranch Indiana
 Eye On Corona$1,500South Valley Equine Utah
 Fantastic Corona JrPrivateRancho das Américas São Paulo
 Fast Prize Cartel$3,500EG High Desert Farm California
 Fiftyshadezofgrey$2,000Rising C Equine Wyoming
 Five Bar Cartel$5,500Robicheaux Ranch Inc. Louisiana
 Furyofthewind$4,000(2021)Copper Spring Ranch NM New Mexico
 Heart Of The Cartel$1,500Royal Vista Ranches Oklahoma
 Highest Fire$2,500Dunn Ranch Oklahoma
 Ivory James$4,000Royal Vista Ranches Oklahoma
 Kiddy Up$3,500Rolling A Ranch California
 Kvn Corona$5,000Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Lethal Corona$1,500Texas Stud Texas
 Little Corona$1,750Faires Ranch Oklahoma
 Majestic Cartel$2,000Claude Jeane Farm Louisiana
 Maxximuss$1,250Sierra Blanca Equine New Mexico
 Merry For Corona$1,000
OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch Oklahoma
 Mister Fulton$1,000
Fulton Quien Sabe Ranches, LP Texas
 Mr Ease Cartel$1,500Brookside Racing Stables California
 Noe Cartel$1,000
Rancho Maguey California
 One Famous Versace$1,000McConnell Performance Horses Indiana
 Pappasito$1,500R/M Stables Utah
 Prime Talent$2,000(2021)Copper Spring Ranch NM New Mexico
 Pyc Paint Your Wagon$10,000Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Rip Tide$2,000Tate Farms Louisiana
 Special Royal Corona$1,500Boegner Farms Texas
 Streakin Six Cartel$1,000C3 Speed Horses Texas
 Teller Cartel$3,750Royal Vista Ranches Oklahoma
 Texas Icon$1,500Fales Ranch Arizona
 The Louisiana Cartel$4,000(2021)Louisiana Center For Equine Reproduction Louisiana
 Too Tough To Catch$1,500(2021)Whritenour Ranch Texas
 Tough And Good850C Hangin C Performance Horses Oklahoma
 Uncle D$3,500(2021)Lazy E Ranch Oklahoma
 Undaunted$1,200TNL Farm, Inc. New Mexico
Corona Czech
 Chief Corona$1,000 Outlaw EquineTexas
 El Angel Corona$1,500EG High Desert Farm California
Corona for Me
 Six Coronas Please$850 Victory FarmsOklahoma
 Sizzlin Cartel$2,000Jumonville Farms Louisiana
Corona Up
RNR FarmsOklahoma
Coronas Leaving You
 Open Me A Corona$2,500 Robicheaux Ranch Inc. Louisiana
 RC Me Leaving You$1,500Delta Equine Center Louisiana
Coronas Prospect
 Fine Oak Corona$1,500
Mountain States EquineNew Mexico
 Prospect To The Top$1,350Sierra Blanca Equine New Mexico
Count Corona
 Kelowna Kash$1,000 JRW Ranch LLC Oklahoma
Country Quick Dash
 Sm Country Snowman-PT$1,000 Rafter SM RanchOklahoma