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Farm Stallion Sire Fee State
C Hangin C Performance HorsesOklahoma
  All Time Pleasure - PT All Time Fancy $850
  Barracuda - PT Judys Lineage $1,500
  Epically Famous Epic Leader Private
  Eyesa Dark Moon A Streak of Rooster $1,250
  Eyesa Dark Moon A Streak of Rooster $1,250
  Flippin Hilarious Flipmia $750
  Im The Captain Now - PT Favorite Cartel-QH $750
  Inseperable Separatist $1,500
  Jodys Money Pop Jody O Toole $1,500
  K W Corona Cartel $1,000
  Little Pyc Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000
  Perks Of Fame Dash Ta Fame $1,500
  Spotted Wagon-APHC Bp Phoenix Reign $1,200
  Tales U Lose Wagon Tales-QH $1,000
  Tough And Good Corona Cartel $850
  Whirlaway Red Mr Jess Perry $1,250
C3 Speed HorsesTexas
  Mr Jess Tex Mr Jess Perry $1,750
Castle RanchOklahoma
  B Cause Im A Hero Valiant Hero $2,000
Cavenaugh Quarter HorsesOklahoma
  Good Candy P Good Reason Sa $1,000
CD Performance HorsesWyoming
  Cd Rockin Da Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,250
  Nz Scotch Time One Time Pepto $1,200
Charette-Hill Racing Oklahoma
  Docs Dusty Cartel Coronado Cartel $1,250
Chris NebekerUtah
  Jess Paint Me Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000
Cinder Lakes RanchTexas
  Barue Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,600
  Bullseye Bullion Bully Bullion $2,600
  Gotta Nifty Gun Dun It Gotta Gun $1,600
  Gunnastepya Gunnatrashya $3,600
  Jacs Electric Spark Shining Spark $3,500
  Jets Smashin Cash Lead the Field $800
  Jl Dash Ta Heaven Dash Ta Fame $10,600
  Ps Mega Shine Chic Shine Chic Shine $3,000
  Snip O Lution Einsteins Revolution $1,600
  Spooks Gotta Whiz Spooks Gotta Gun $7,000
  Tinker With Dreams Tinker With Guns $2,600
  Tres Fortunes Tres Seis $2,600
  Turnpikers Wagon (P) Pyc Paint Your Wagon-QH $2,600
  Wimpys Littlecolonel Wimpys Little Step $2,600
Colorado State UniversityColorado
  Irish Pay Paddys Irish Whiskey $3,500
Comanche Veterinary HospitalColorado
  Paramounte Favorite Cartel $1,000
Copper Ridge EquineArizona
  One Famous Icon Mr Jess Perry $2,000
Copper Spring Ranch NM LLCNew Mexico
  Furyofthewind Corona Cartel $4,000
  Jet Black Patriot Game Patriot Private
  Love The Way You Fly Furyofthewind $4,000
  Prime Talent Corona Cartel $2,000
Cornejo Performance HorsesColorado
  Indomable Cartel The Louisiana Cartel $1,000
Cox Stallion StationLouisiana
  Carters Cartel Corona Cartel $4,000
  Coronas Leaving You Corona Cartel $3,500
  Dominyun Mr Jess Perry Private
  Duponte American Runaway Private
  Freighttrain B Pyc Paint Your Wagon $8,500
  Inspyre Corona Cartel $3,000
  Ivory James Corona Cartel $6,500
  Jess Different Mr Jess Perry $1,000
  Moonin The Eagle One Famous Eagle Private
  One Fabulous Eagle One Famous Eagle $4,000
Cross Country Ranch Oregon
  Flinging Dinero A Streak of Fling $2,500
  Judge Cash Dash for Cash $3,500
  Mulberry Fame Dash Ta Fame $2,500
  Pieorities First Moonflash $2,000
Crown C Barrel Horses Oregon
  Dash N Wagon Painted Dash $1,000