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State Stallion Sire Fee Farm
  Carnacks Choice (TB) Carson City Private R & R Racing Stables
  A Revenant Mr Jess Perry $4,500(2023) Dunn Ranch
  A Smooth Guy Frenchmans Guy $3,500(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  A Streak Of Law A Streak of Fling $1,000
Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Adrians Jolla Streakin La Jolla $1,000 Myers Ranch & Racing
  Amazing Easy Money The Shady Money $850
Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Apollitical Jess Mr Jess Perry $35,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Ar Star Shawne Bug $1,250 Bowlan Farms
  As Good As Nick Gets Dr Nick Bar $2,500
Victory Farms
  Awesome Chrome First Down Dash $1,000 The Rockin BB Ranch LLC
  B Cause Im A Hero Valiant Hero $2,000 Castle Ranch
  Barracuda Judys Lineage $500 Noble Equine Veterinary Services
  Berko (TB) Justin Phillip $1,250
RNR Farms
  Big Lew Corona Cartel $2,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Blood Money Apollitical Blood $2,750(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Bv Travelin Soldier Corona Cartel $1,500 Belle Mere Farm, Ltd.
  Cahill Tres Seis $850 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  Capo de Capi Corona Cartel $2,000 Belle Mere Farm, Ltd.
  Cartel Success Corona Cartel $1,200(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Ceo Bugged With Honor $1,000 Kirt and Carol Keith
  Cocked an Loaded SF Royal Quick Flash $750 Steele Farms
  Code West (TB) Lemon Drop Kid $1,500
WestWin Farms
  Corona Cartel Holland Ease $20,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Coronado Cartel Corona Cartel $3,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Country Chicks Man Chicks Beduino $2,000 Rafter SM Ranch
  Country Quick Dash Royal Quick Dash $1,000 Rafter SM Ranch
  Cowboy Bundy Cash Find $1,000
Bundy Ranch
  Crm Livewire-PT Cartel Success-QH $2,000 WestWin Farms
  Crown Royalty (TB) Bluegrass Cat $1,000 Pendergraft Farm
  Cyber Monday Favorite Cartel $4,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Dash for Cash N Blue Our Cash Policy $850 Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Dash Master Jess Mr Jess Perry $1,500(2023) Dunn Ranch
  De Vinnci De Renzo $700
North Farms
  Decash-PT Real Easy Cash $1,000 Frederiksborg Horse Farm Equine Reproduction Service Center
  Designer Red On the Money Red $5,000 Victory Farms
  Dmnv Mountable Panther Mountain $1,000 Taos River Ranch, LLC
  Docs Best Card Corona Cartel $5,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Dorrance (TB) Distorted Humor $1,500
Merrick Ranch
  Duke Kahanamoku Wave Carver $750 Joneson Ranch
  Dulce Sin Tacha Jess Good Candy $4,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Eagles Fly Higher One Famous Eagle $3,500(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Epic Leader Confederate Leader $6,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Euroears (TB) Langfuhr $1,500 WestWin Farms
  Eyem Showin Off Mr Eye Opener-QH $500 Steele Farms
  Famous Pie Dash Ta Fame $1,000 Bedonna's Stallion Station
  FDD Dynasty First Down Dash Private(2023) Bob Moore Farms
  FDD Going Grand Fdd Dynasty $3,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  First Spittin Image First Down Dash $1,200
Touch of Heaven Ranch
  Fishin Cr Fishin Kisses $1,000 Andy Knight
  French Streakin Jess A Streak of Fling $3,000(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost $6,000
ICSI Only(2023)
Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Furrtreeous Oak Tree Special $1,250 Joneson Ranch
  Gold Bug Express Blushing Bug $850
Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Gonna B Famous One Famous Eagle $2,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Gonna Ro Sham Bo Real Runaway Private Glasses Creek
  Good Candy P Good Reason Sa $1,000(2023) Cavenaugh Quarter Horses
  Gotta Good Habit Strawfly Special $1,500
Oasis Ranch
  Guys Canyon Moon Frenchmans Guy $2,250(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Heart Of The Cartel Corona Cartel $1,500(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Hes Relentless One Famous Eagle $12,500(2023) Bob Moore Farms
  Hez Our Secret First Down Dash $2,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Heza Fancy Pyc - PT Im A Fancy Pyc-QH $750 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  Hooked On Run First Down Dash $1,250
Southern Oklahoma Quarter Horses
  Im A Fancy Pyc Pyc Paint Your Wagon $2,500 Silver Spurs Equine, LLC
  Im The Captain Now- PT Favorite Cartel-QH $750 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  In Hott Pursuit One Famous Eagle $2,500(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Inseperable Separatist $1,750(2023) Bob Moore Farms
  Ivory King-ApHC Ivory James $1,000 Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Jess Fire Me Walk Thru Fire $2,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Jess Good Candy Good Reason Sa $9,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Jess Jones Mr Jess Perry $1,000 Collett Equine
  Jettastic Jet Black Patriot $1,500 4W Farms LLC
  Jl Dash Ta Heaven Dash Ta Fame Call Jud Little Ranch
  Jodys Money Pop Jody O Toole $1,500 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  Judy Lineage-PT Special Lineage-TB $1,250 Bowlan Farms
  Kelowna Kash Count Corona $1,000 JRW Ranch LLC
  Kiss My Hocks Tempting Dash $8,000(20223) Lazy E Ranch
  Kvn Corona Corona Cartel $5,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Letta Hank Do It Snazzy Hank $1,000 Bowlan Farms
  Little Corona Corona Cartel $1,750 Faires Ranch
  Lucky Wonder Horse First Down Dash $3,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  McM Imahoss Tres Seis $2,000(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Merry For Corona Corona Cartel $1,000
OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch
  Mighty B Valiant Valiant Hero $1,500 13 Racing LLC
  Mister Chuck Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000
Robles Racing
  Moscato Fame Dash Ta Fame $2,000(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Mr Apollitical Dash Mr Jess Perry $2,000(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Oklahoma Wildfire Notenough Firewater $750
Bedonna's Stallion Station
  On the Money Bugs On the Money Red $750 Texoma Quarter Horses
  One Valiant Hero Valiant Hero $2,000(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Osage Spirit Ivory James $750 OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch
  Paint My Pilot Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,500 Double A Ranch
  Painted Turnpike Pyc Paint Your Wagon-QH $1,850
WestWin Farms
  Pass the Buck (TB) Pulpit $1,000 WestWin Farms
  Perk Upon A Star Dash for Perks $1,000 Victory Farms
  Perks Alive Dash for Perks $1,500 Texoma Quarter Horses
  Power Jam (TB) Concord Point $1,750(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Prized Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon $1,000 Belle Mere Farm, Ltd.
  Promise Of The Sun Mp Jet to the Sun $1,500(2023) Royal Vista Ranch, LLC
  Pyc Fun N Fancy Pyc Paint Your Wagon $2,750(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Pyc Paint Your Wagon Corona Cartel $6,000(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Rare Cigar Rare Bar $850 Texoma Quarter Horses
  Reb Hot Fame Dash Ta Fame $1,000 North Farms
  Royal Quick Flash Royal Quick Dash $1,000 Steele Farms
  Ryder Rite Favorite Cartel $850(2023) Cavenaugh Quarter Horses
  Send A Candy Guy Pyc Paint Your Wagon $777 Joneson Ranch
  Signs of Livewire Crm Livewire $2,500(2023) Bob Moore Farms
  Six Coronas Please Corona for Me $850 Victory Farms
  Sixes Liaison Sixes Royal $1,500 Victory Farms
  Sm Country Snowman-PT Country Quick Dash $1,000 Rafter SM Ranch
  Special French Bully Bully Bullion $1,000 Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Special Rate (TB) Pulpit $3,000 Glasses Creek
  Speed Dynasty Fdd Dynasty $2,500(2023) Bob Moore Farms
  Spittin Fire Spit Curl Jess $1,000 Bundy Ranch
  Sticks An Stones Easy Jet $4,000 Victory Farms
  Stray Cat Storm Cat-TB $2,500 Oklahoma Equine Reproductive Center
  Streak And Dash Streakin La Jolla $850 Steele Farms
  Streaking Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame $1,500 Texoma Quarter Horses
  Sun Frost Deluxe Alamitos Sun Frost $900
Bedonna's Stallion Station
  Tales Not Told (TB) Tale of the Cat $1,000
Victory Farms
  Teller Cartel Corona Cartel $5,000 Royal VIsta Southwest
  The Marfa Lights One Famous Eagle $2,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Threevdashtavictory Dash Ta Fame $1,500 Victory Farms
  Tough And Good Corona Cartel $850 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  Tres Kings Tres Seis $1,200 Texoma Quarter Horses
  Uncle D Corona Cartel $3,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Valiant Hero First Down Dash $8,500(2023) Lazy E Ranch
  Vf Highball Eddie Stinson $1,500
Victory Farms
  Vf the Main Squeeze Dash for Perks $1,500
Victory Farms
  Wave Carver First Down Dash $1,500(2023) Dunn Ranch
  Whirlaway Red Mr Jess Perry $1,000 C Hangin C Performance Horses
  With Intent-AP Easily Smashed $2,000 Warhorse Racing
  Caviar And Corona Corona Cartel $1,000
Bogar Farms
  El Night Shift Royal Shake Em $750
Bogar Farms
  Rushago Agouti $1,500 Hudgins Farm
  Dash N Wagon Painted Dash $750
Crown C Barrel Horses
  Guys Pocket Coin Frenchmans Guy $1,500
Cross Country Ranch
  Judge Cash Dash for Cash $4,500 Cross Country Ranch
  Mulberry Fame Dash Ta Fame $2,000
Cross Country Ranch