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Fee Stallion Sire Farm State
A Streak Of Law A Streak of Fling Bedonna's Stallion Station OK
$1,000 A Sweet Jess Apollitical Jess Cavenaugh Quarter Horses OK
$1,000 Adrians Jolla Streakin La Jolla Myers Ranch & Racing OK
$1,000 Awesome Chrome First Down Dash The Rockin BB Ranch LLC OK
Bf Legacy Separatist Sierra Farm NM
$1,000 Bolt Of Fire Walk Thru Fire Rigby Equine Medicine and Reproduction TX
$1,000 Brindis Por Cayenne Toast to Dash Rising C Equine WY
$1,000 Built Jesse Mr Jess Perry Rebecca McGee Farms SC
$1,000 Buzzinga Jet Black Patriot Cobb Veterinary Clinic, P.C. TX
$1,000 Cartels Feature Corona Cartel Darrel Henry Quarter Horses MO
Catch This Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon Blackmon Quarter Horses TX
Caviar And Corona Corona Cartel Bogar Farms ON
$1,000 Ceo Bugged With Honor Kirt and Carol Keith OK
$1,000 Chickie Cherry Cola Chicks Beduino C3 Speed Horses TX
$1,000 Chief Corona Corona Czech Outlaw Equine TX
$1,000 Country Quick Dash Royal Quick Dash Rafter SM Ranch OK
Cowboy Bundy Cash Find Bundy Ranch OK
$1,000 Crown Royalty (TB) Bluegrass Cat Pendergraft Farm OK
Crush Mr Eye Opener Barton Land And Cattle, INC CO
$1,000 Dale Badon Corona Cartel Hawthorne Animal Hospital ID
De Capitator Bar Capo de Capi Schultz Racing Stables CO
$1,000 Dealagame Game Patriot Granada Farms TX
$1,000 Decash-PT Real Easy Cash Frederiksborg Horse Farm Equine Reproduction Service Center OK
$1,000 Dmnv Mountable Panther Mountain FLF Racing NM
$1,000 Domishay Dominyun Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN
$1,000 Dos Poruno Mr Eye Opener Wilkinson Stables TX
$1,000 Eagle Deluxe One Famous Eagle Spring Hill Farms LA
$1,000 El Torero Walk Thru Fire El Bajio Ranch IN
$1,000 Famous Pie Dash Ta Fame Bedonna's Stallion Station OK
$1,000 Favorite Soldier Favorite Cartel RG Racing Farms, LLC WA
$1,000 First Class Sign Vital Sign Mountain States Equine NM
$1,000 First Down Leaving First Down Dash Goldilocks Ranch AB
$1,000 First Down Mr Jess Feature Mr Jess High Plains Genetics SD
$1,000 Fishin Cr Fishin Kisses Andy Knight OK
$1,000 Five Seasons (TB) Giacomo Peterson Stallion Farm LLC UT
$1,000 Flyingwitheagles Feature Mr Jess 3J Ranch TX
Four Seventeen Pyc Paint Your Wagon Moreno Ranch CO
$1,000 Freakier Walk Thru Fire C3 Speed Horses TX
Get Down Royally The Down Side Schultz Racing Stables CO
Goldin Warrior First Timber Goldilocks Ranch AB
$1,000 Gonamakeyoureyesblue Mr Jess Perry McConnell Performance Horses IN
$1,000 Good Candy P Good Reason Sa Cavenaugh Quarter Horses OK
$1,000 Greeley's Conquest (TB) Mr. Greeley Rising C Equine WY
$1,000 Harems Last Dash First Down Dash Weldon Quarter Horses UT
Hiclass Vodka Hiclass La Jolla Birdsong Farms TX
$1,000 Iced N Oak Oak Tree Special Fales Ranch AZ
Indomable Cartel The Louisiana Cartel Cornejo Performance Horses CO
$1,000 Ivory King-ApHC Ivory James Bedonna's Stallion Station OK
JD Wagon Boss Pyc Paint Your Wagon Westhills Equine Veterinary Services AB
$1,000 Jess Different Mr Jess Perry Cox Stallion Station LA
Jess Got Easier Feature Mr Jess Hawthorne Animal Hospital ID
$1,000 Jess Jones Mr Jess Perry Collett Equine OK
$1,000 Jess Paint Me Pyc Paint Your Wagon R/M Stables UT
$1,000 Jess Special Mr Jess Perry Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN
Jettin Ben Easy Winning Jet Schultz Racing Stables CO
Jigg A Chick Midnight Knight Bill Fregia Horse Farm TX
$1,000 Justified Foose Holdaway Ranch UT
$1,000 Kelowna Kash Count Corona JRW Ranch LLC OK
King Cha Cha (TB) Kingmambo Backhaus & Sons ND
$1,000 Letta Hank Do It Snazzy Hank Bowlan Farms OK
$1,000 Looking For Speed Looking for Chicks KMA Racing Stables UT
$1,000 Louisiana Jambalaya Jet Black Patriot Spring Hill Farms LA
$1,000 Man Who Wouldbe King FDD Dynasty Rigby Equine Medicine and Reproduction TX
$1,000 Martis Speed Racer Dash Ta Fame Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital IN
Merry For Corona Corona Cartel OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Ranch OK
Mister Chuck Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon Robles Racing OK
Mister Fulton Corona Cartel Fulton Quien Sabe Ranches, LP TX
Mm I Bleed Maroon Epic Leader Birdsong Farms TX
Mr Einstein Dashin Bye Triple T Farms LA
My Smooth Frenchman Frenchmans Guy HM Horses UT
Noe Cartel Corona Cartel Rancho Maguey CA
$1,000 Number One Jaimie One Slick One Kuhn Ranch AZ
Nz Scotch Time One Time Pepto Running T Farms, LLC TX
Omega Rythm Chicks Beduino CJ Ranch CA
$1,000 One Famous Diamond Mr Jess Perry C3 Speed Horses TX
$1,000 One Famous Versace Corona Cartel McConnell Performance Horses IN
$1,000 Onthewingsofglory Mr Jess Perry SOG Horse & Cattle UT
Paramounte Favorite Cartel Comanche Veterinary Hospital CO
$1,000 Pass the Buck (TB) Pulpit WestWin Farms OK
$1,000 Perk Upon A Star Dash for Perks Victory Farms OK
$1,000 Prized Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon Belle Mere Farm, Ltd. OK
$1,000 Pyc Prize Time Pyc Paint Your Wagon Moya Farms TX
$1,000 Quick Action (TB) Carson City TNL Farm, Inc. NM
$1,000 Rare News First Down Dash Birch Creek Ranch MT
$1,000 Reb Hot Fame Dash Ta Fame North Farms OK
Rite Favorite Favorite Cartel Sky Stone Ranch NM
$1,000 Royal Quick Flash Royal Quick Dash Steele Farms OK
$1,000 Rrelentless Hes Relentless Hunter Creek Farms, LLC NM
$1,000 Sm Country Snowman-PT Country Quick Dash Rafter SM Ranch OK
$1,000 Solid Hitter Stel Corona KMA Racing Stables UT
$1,000 Special French Bully Bully Bullion Bedonna's Stallion Station OK
$1,000 Spittin Fire Spit Curl Jess Bundy Ranch OK
Tales Not Told (TB) Tale of the Cat Victory Farms OK
$1,000 This Is An Eagle One Famous Eagle Granada Farms TX
$1,000 Valiant Master Dashing Val Darrel Henry Quarter Horses MO
$1,000 View Me Flying Tres Seis Granada Farms TX
Wanta Bully Bar Bullys On Fire Medlock Performance Livestock, LLC TX
Whata Corona Corona Cartel West Central Veterinary Services IN
$1,000 Whirlaway Red Mr Jess Perry C Hangin C Performance Horses OK
$1,000 Yellow Hammer Six Five to Six K & L Performance Horses TX
$1,200 Cartel Success Corona Cartel Dunn Ranch OK
Chickspecialmongoose Chicks Beduino Big Chino Equine AZ
$1,200 Colonial Colony (TB) Pleasant Colony Holden Thoroughbred & Running Quarter Horse Farm IN
$1,200 Corona B Corona Cartel Bubel Quarter Horses ND
$1,200 Dash To The Arctic Holland Ease Thunder Spirit Ranch MB
$1,200 Dashing Jess Perry Mr Jess Perry Bubel Quarter Horses ND
$1,200 Encore Corona Cartel Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital IN
First Spittin Image First Down Dash Touch of Heaven Ranch OK
Frenchmans Biankus Frenchmans Guy Lucky B Performance Horses AR
Gonna B Famous One Famous Eagle Victory Farms OK
Having A Record Year Metallic Cat Running T Farms, LLC TX
One Swift Eagle One Dashing Eagle Stage Rock Performance Horses WI
$1,200 Quick To Flare Up Royal Quick Dash Hebert Quarter Horses LA
$1,200 Rebs Royal Dasher Royal Quick Dash Jon Ray Ranch LLC AZ
$1,200 Tres Kings Tres Seis Texoma Quarter Horses OK
$1,200 Turbulent Times Furyofthewind Tate Farms LA
$1,200 Twoforthedough First Down Dash South Valley Equine UT
$1,250 Alazoom Shazoom Hebert Quarter Horses LA
$1,250 Ar Star Shawne Bug Bowlan Farms OK
Berko (TB) Justin Phillip RNR Farms OK
Cowboy 109 Favorite Cartel Triple C Performance Horses SK
$1,250 Dashin Dynamo First Down Dash Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, P.C. TX
Delight Won One Famous Eagle Mountain States Equine NM
$1,250 Dragon Wings Corona Cartel Claude Jeane Farm LA
El Miguel First Down Dash Velocity Performance Horses GA
Fc The Fire Monster Notenough Firewater Greene, Lewis & Associates LA
$1,250 Furrtreeous Oak Tree Special Joneson Ranch OK
$1,250 Heat Warning A Regal Choice Fales Ranch AZ
$1,250 Hi Level Daredevil Pyc Paint Your Wagon Sierra Blanca Equine NM
Hooked On Run First Down Dash Southern Oklahoma Quarter Horses OK
$1,250 I See Visions One Famous Eagle BC Quarter Horse Farms, LLC LA
$1,250 Igotyourtac Tac It Like a Man Ward Animal Hospital TX
$1,250 Jess My Moon Mr Jess Perry Keyser Creek Arena MT
$1,250 Judy Lineage-PT Special Lineage-TB Bowlan Farms OK
Mank (TB) Pulpit Diamond S Performance Horses AB
$1,250 Maxximuss Corona Cartel Sierra Blanca Equine NM
$1,250 Nonstop Firewater Fire Water Flit Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN
$1,250 Rakin In The Cash Takin On the Cash Claude Jeane Farm LA
Saturday Nite Romeo Dash Ta Fame Armstrong Equine Services NM
$1,250 Stellar Rain (TB) Storm Cat TNL Farm, Inc. NM
$1,259 First Down Illusion First Down Dash Golden Creek Equine, LLC WY
$1,350 Prospect To The Top Coronas Prospect Sierra Blanca Equine NM
$1,500 A Royal Jess Mr Jess Perry The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Azoom Shazoom Granada Farms TX
$1,500 Bp Wagon Train Pyc Paint Your Wagon Delta Equine Center LA
$1,500 Brimmstone Brimmerton Miller Ranch IN
$1,500 Bucks Hancock Dude Watch Me Dude To Southwest Stallion Station TX
$1,500 Bv Travelin Soldier Corona Cartel Belle Mere Farm, Ltd. OK
Category Five (TB) Storm Cat Weatherford Equine Breeding Center, P.C. TX
$1,500 Chick Happens Chicks Beduino Dr Mark Petry Farm LA
Code West (TB) Lemon Drop Kid WestWin Farms OK
$1,500 Conn Creek Dash Ta Fame R/M Stables UT
$1,500 Corona Silver Corona Cartel RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
$1,500 Corona Surfer Corona Cartel Two Heart Farms WY
$1,500 Cosino Corona Cartel Dr Mark Petry Farm LA
$1,500 CS Flashlight Royal Quick Dash Fulton Ranch Performance Horses NE
$1,500 Czar Cartel Mv Corona Cartel The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Dash Master Jess Mr Jess Perry Dunn Ranch OK
$1,500 Delhomme (TB) Dixie Union The Quarter Company NM
Dorrance (TB) Distorted Humor Merrick Ranch OK
$1,500 Elusive Bluff (TB) Elusive Quality Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN
$1,500 Embrujo Fg First Down Dash Dr Mark Petry Farm LA
$1,500 Escondido Beach Corona Cartel Miller Ranch IN
$1,500 Euroears (TB) Langfuhr WestWin Farms OK
$1,500 Eye On Corona Corona Cartel South Valley Equine UT
Famous Gold Coin Dash Ta Fame WMR Livestock MT
$1,500 Fast Prize Jordan Pyc Paint Your Wagon Spring Hill Farms LA
$1,500 First Down Jewel First Down Dash R J Farms LA
$1,500 First Down King First Down Dash Firth Ranch CA
$1,500 First Prize Doc Pyc Paint Your Wagon Louisiana Center For Equine Reproduction LA
$1,500 Flare For Ivory Ivory James Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital IN
$1,500 Glock Foose R/M Stables UT
Gotta Good Habit Strawfly Special Oasis Ranch OK
Guys Pocket Coin Frenchmans Guy Cross Country Ranch OR
$1,500 Habits Secret No Secrets Here Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital IN
$1,500 Hadtobenuts Strike the Cash Vista Equine Colorado, LLC CO
$1,500 Hawkeye One Dashing Eagle Granada Farms TX
$1,500 Heart Of The Cartel Corona Cartel Royal Vista Ranch, LLC OK
$1,500 Hiclass La Jolla Streakin La Jolla Granada Farms TX
$1,500 Jess Being Valiant Valiant Hero West Central Veterinary Services IN
$1,500 Jess Zoomin Shazoom West Central Veterinary Services IN
$1,500 Jettastic Jet Black Patriot 4W Farms LLC OK
$1,500 Jm Specialwynn Walk Thru Fire Rancho Dorado NM
$1,500 Jodys Money Pop Jody O Toole C Hangin C Performance Horses OK
$1,500 Jr Dynasty Mountain Fdd Dynasty R/M Stables UT
$1,500 Kas Tempting Tempting Dash RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
$1,500 Lethal Corona Corona Cartel Texas Stud TX
$1,500 Man On The Move The Down Side TNL Farm, Inc. NM
$1,500 Mighty B Valiant Valiant Hero 13 Racing LLC OK
$1,500 Mp Alone French Hymn Pc Frenchmans Hayday The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Mr Ease Cartel Corona Cartel Brookside Racing Stables CA
$1,500 On The Wagon Pyc Paint Your Wagon Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN
$1,500 Osbaldo Jesse James Jr Rancho Dorado NM
$1,500 Paint My Pilot Pyc Paint Your Wagon Double A Ranch OK
$1,500 Pappasito Corona Cartel R/M Stables UT
$1,500 Perks Alive Dash for Perks Texoma Quarter Horses OK
$1,500 Perrys Stamina Mr Jess Perry Sierra Blanca Equine NM
$1,500 Quemados Version Winners Version The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 RC Me Leaving You Coronas Leaving You Delta Equine Center LA
$1,500 Rex Hill Jesse James Jr Sky Stone Ranch NM
$1,500 Rime Chimes Sign to Be A Runaway The Quarter Company NM
Rogueish (TB) Into Mischief Oakton Farm FL
$1,500 Royaltys Choice First Down Dash Getaway Farm CA
$1,500 Running Buddy FDD Dynasty The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Rushago Agouti Hudgins Farm ON
San Lorenzo Corona Coronas Leaving You Haddad Ranch TX
$1,500 Seize The Win Pyc Paint Your Wagon McConnell Performance Horses IN
$1,500 Sign to Be A Runaway Real Runaway The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Sixes Liaison Sixes Royal Victory Farms OK
$1,500 Special Royal Corona Corona Cartel Boegner Farms TX
$1,500 Stevie B First Cash First Down Dash Tate Farms LA
$1,500 Streakin Zoomer Shazoom The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Streaking Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame Texoma Quarter Horses OK
$1,500 Super Corona Holland Ease Luke Ranch TX
$1,500 Sway Away (TB) Afleet Alex The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Tf Rowdy Lil Perry Mr Jess Perry The Quarter Company NM
$1,500 Threevdashtavictory Dash Ta Fame Victory Farms OK
Vf Highball Eddie Stinson Victory Farms OK
Vf the Main Squeeze Dash for Perks Victory Farms OK
$1,500 Wagon Tales Pyc Paint Your Wagon Charette-Hill Racing OK
$1,500 Wagons West Pyc Paint Your Wagon Thunder Spirit Ranch MB
$1,500 Wave Carver First Down Dash Dunn Ranch OK
$1,500 Whathaveigottado Shazoom Dale Rogers LA
$1,500 Zoomin For Bux Shazoom Blanchet Farms LA
Dashin Dynamo First Down Dash Highpoint Performance Horses TX
$1,750 Heza Fast Rogue Heza Fast Dash Tate Farms LA
$1,750 Little Corona Corona Cartel Faires Ranch OK
$1,750 Moscato Fame Dash Ta Fame Dunn Ranch OK
$1,750 Pyc Fun N Fancy Pyc Paint Your Wagon Dunn Ranch OK
Painted Turnpike Pyc Paint Your Wagon-QH WestWin Farms OK
$1,900 Inseperable Separatist Louisiana Center For Equine Reproduction LA